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Wide vs narrow track front end

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I am preparing to buy new shocks and springs, and need to determine whether my front end is wide or narrow track. Simon at Meteor Motorsport sent me these pictures to identify which I have:










Here are pictures of my front end:








My measurements are right in between those for the narrow and wide that Simon sent. Simon thinks I have a narrow front end.


Is there a more definitive way to determine which I have?

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If the lower most photos are your car, I'd say you have a narrow track since I don't see the hex shaped spacers on the Bilsteins.




Thats the single item I use to determine the difference as well. Hex shaped spacer = wide track.


I know you're looking for something more concrete but that's all I've got at the moment. Might be able to measure later on if I can get to the car and you're still looking for answers.

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