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Unbelievable restoration of a Lotus Esprit


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Found this and it has to be one of the greatest restoration video's on You Tube


The patience it must have taken to restore a car in stop motion



Here's a break down of the work he put into the video


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Thanks for posting.


I've been watching this project from just about the beginning. It's been a long road. The journey starts here:


And if you are a bit more mechanically inclined there is another obsessive journey out there that is a bit more for the amateur builder vs restorer you might want to check this one out:

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A full frame off restoration is a high level of commitment. Documenting it by using stop motion video is at a whole different level. Huge appreciation for what he did.


I have typically documented all my Lotus frame off restorations in great detail to include write up and photos. Every once in a while i shoot a video to add to the blog documentation. Those that know me can confirm I like to shoot and edit video. Why not more? It’s an easy answer, it takes too much time to set up and shoot which takes away from the primary purpose of the restoration. Here are two examples of video I shot for my Elan S1 chassis removal that is time lapse and bringing my freshly painted Europa into my shop at home. (My Europa blog has over 88K views and is considered the standard for a frame off restoration).


Elan chassis removal time lapse

Europa body moved into garage

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Unfortunately, you can't embed Vimeo here. Good news is that the new forum coming in a couple of weeks allows you to easily embed video from all the popular platforms.





Good to know. We're all looking forward to the update. Thank you for your efforts.

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