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Proposal for a new 2021 Sevens HPDE in SC - Gauging interest

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Many of you have followed the very successful annual Sevens HPDE event held at NJMP for the last 10 years - if you have not then here is a refresher from last year.

Photos - 2020 Annual Sevens Event at NJMP (usa7s.net)



An opportunity has arisen to have a separate event in late 2021 at Carolina Motorsports Park. Steve (Merlin on this forum) and Maureen have moved from their home at NJMP to the Camden SC area and in true enthusiast form have made friendly with the track management at Carolina Motorsports Park about hosting a USA7s event there.


This would be additional to the existing annual NJMP event which is in the process of having dates negotiated by Tom (Thank you to Tom!).



Carolina Motorsports Park

Carolina Motorsports Park is a 2.3 mile circuit, freshly paved in 2020 under new ownership and management. It has a nicely challenging layout and is popular with enthusiasts. Their website is linked here:

Carolina Motorsports Park – Road Racing Center Of The Carolinas




CMP is located in Kershaw SC



The closest town for accommodation is Camden SC, about 20-30 mins away where a new Hampton Inn is located along with dining options.

The track has a concession stand with usual pit food options during the day.


Travel distances to CMP:

1.5 hours from Charlotte NC

3.5 hours from Atlanta GA

5 hours from Jacksonville FL

7 hours from DC

8 hours from Cinncinnati OH

12 hours from El Dorado AR


For those coming from the NE and not interested in towing a car for a day, I would likely arrange for a truck with 6 spaces to leave from TK Autosports at NJMP in Millville NJ - you could drop off in advance along with what kit/extra tires you need to support yourself. A few of us did this last year with a trip to VIR which worked out well and we would do it again. The cars would be dropped off at the on-site mechanics workshop at CMP where they would be secure until our arrival. The truck would then pick them up from there the day after the event and bring them back to TK Autosports (or my NJMP garage for secure indoor storage until you can get there to pick up your car.



Event Format

Event format is still open as we are exploring a standalone rental running open pit lane (usual pass on straight only point by rules) plus a day with the Turn 1 Club operated by CMP (analogous to NJMP Drivers Club) where we would get a dedicated session for sevens. They have karting so the traditional race could take place so that someone's young teen son or daughter can win again. Minimum length would be 2 days on track but for those hard core track rats we could discuss options for extending another day.


Cost is likely at or less than the $300 per day HPDE fee that we have at the current NJMP event. No profit is made on these events by either USA7s or myself - it is done for the enjoyment of a club event. Estimate hotel at $120 per night. It will not be expensive fine dining but usual sports bar type of dining places.




Given the weather in SC, we would look for a November or even December event. Plan on 70 degree days and good sunshine.




The purpose of this post is to gauge interest in such an event so that we can work out if we have the numbers to make it financially viable. If you are genuinely interested please post below. If you are uncertain but intrigued please say so as this makes a difference as to how we count numbers.





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No track ready car at the moment, but I'm game, especially since the track is a scant 131 miles from my home. Now all I need to do is buy something, 7, Cobra replica, or ???? for track use...........Time will tell.



Bill S.

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For me, in theory, towing is towing. Once it's all setup further tow is not an issue and I have friends in NC I can see along the way.


In practice I haven't tested the new tow rig which is still not ready and I'm not sure how well it will do in reality. It's more of a "just enough to do it slowly" towing setup, than a competent "forget you even have a trailer back there" type. So if my tow rig struggles with towing I'd have to arrange a different tow car for this and it would be only barrier to entry. That nice Denali 3500 was unfortunately a loaner from a friend and not mine to use on the regular.


Otherwise, I'm all for having a second event to look forward to.

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- given the window so late in the year I’m intrigued with the prospect for shipping. A great deal will change between now and then so I can not commit with certainty

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I was looking for another event, this will be perfect late season event. Looking for a new tow vehicle, the Cherokee is just not up to long distance towing, and it looks like Bowling Green, Mid Ohio, VIR, Pitrace, NJMP and now CMP are on the years schedule.



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Camden is a lovely, historic town in the middle of horse country in SC - well worth a visit. My 7 won't be track eligible without rollbar or even belts, but I'd love to come join, meet, and contribute if the timing works out.


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I am excited to do both this year. I have a car ready to go and plan to do as many track days as I can. My only limitation will be a planned trip to October Fest. Hopefully things will be good enough to go.

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