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I'm surprised that Caterham going with the classic look didn't go for the classic/raised/further back headlight mounts to match.


Are those 7in or 5 3/4 in headlight buckets?


Definitely lots of character.



What do you think the percentage split of US owners of those who want the classic look vs those that want a modernized look? (clams/spare tire etc vs cycle wings, lack of spare)

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They are 5.75 headlamps. We are running about 15%-20% of orders spec'ing the SS1600 since it was announced last April. This one is going to the Philly area and we have another one going to the Nazareth, PA. area soon to a friend of Mario Andretti.

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What are the wheel and tire specs?

I love the clams!

Not sure how well the plush interior will hold up to life in a Caterham cockpit. It doesn’t seem especially retro either. I love the steering wheel.

Nice to see this option is available.

How does cost compare to a 310S?

How does its weight compare to the 310S? I assume the motor is a feather weight?

I wonder how a person could add just a little more power:)?

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Wheels are the 14" "Minilite" style and tires are Avon 185/60. Painted centers and diamond cut lips are optional as well.


Cost is very similar to a 310S.


You could upgrade the cams to the 310 spec for a power bump. Caterham will not do any engine mods on this and the 40MM Jenvey's are only available on the SS 1600.


The standard interior is the black leather seats, the leather interior side panels, tunnel, etc. are optional so you can have a "bare bones" interior if desired. And cycle fenders are available at no cost as well. Weight is within 25-35# of a 310. If anyone would like the options/price details email me rick@timemachinesauto.com

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