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After all the crappy weather the last few weeks we had an sunny and pleasantly cool weekend, so thankful for that! This was the last stint of the weekend, I put the rather beaten up Hoosier slicks on for it, so they were not the most stable the first few laps while working off the grain and flat spots. They are about 4-5 seconds a lap faster then the Avon ZZRs and about 200% more fun. The new throttle pedal worked great, but with my Sasquatch feet I still leaned on it some when braking, but much better!



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You were flying!!!!

Per their website, you were 4” off the track record and about 1&1/2” behind Randy Pobst’s times in a 911 Turbo and a Nissan GTR.

Not too shabby on worn Hoosiers.

It is the perfect Caterham track with you reaching a top speed of 115 mph, just as the invisible hand of aero drag was holding you back. Those huge, slippery, powerful Porsches never had a chance to exploit their top speed advantage, so away you went.

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What Hoosier tires are you using?

They are part numbers 43370 and 43380, compound R35. They fit on 13/6 front and 13/8 rear wheels, almost identical dimensions to the Avon ZZRs. They are actually meant for the F2000 formula cars.

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That was a fantastic session! I have only driven Barber in a c6 z06 so far but so want to go back in my stalker as it seems like a great track for a seven. 

Can’t imagine I will get near the times you set though really impressed!

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