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Changing steering upper column.

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Hi everyone.


I wanted to change my upper column.

I would like to ask you if what I plan to do is correct.


My car is a 1981 S3.

I have (i think) a column kike this one installed.





I want to install a quick release one like this one.




I will remove the Clamp and "just" slide back the column.

I think the column is blocked by the upper bush.

I think i read somewhere to remove the column by pulling it with a strap and a ratchet.

Is that correct ??

Something like this.




Then i put a new bush the new column and the clamp.


Are these steps correct ??



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I have installed the Caterham 2-piece steering column that you have illustrated in your post in my '62.  On my car the upper column separates from the lower with a reasonable pull or two on the steering wheel after the clamp is removed.

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I have a 1999 S3 and have removed mine. I just pulled hard on the wheel. If you look at the tube that holds the bushing for the steering shaft you will see some small holes where the rubber part of the bushing sticks out. I didn't need to do this, but you could help the process by pushing the parts of the rubber sticking out the hole into the tube. You will need a new bushing. The nylon part of the bushing will probably come out.

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Thanks Carl.


I thaught about damaging the bushing in the process. I did order one.

Will wait for it befor the operation.



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I changed the upper column this week to install a quick release hub.  After loosening the clamp on the column I was able to just pull the old column out by sitting in the car and pulling on the steering wheel.  The new setup from Simon at Meteor Motorsports is about as close to perfect as you can get.  I had to make an adapter for my old (1983) steering wheel but it was not a big deal.  The adapter may have interfered with my longing for a new Momo wheel...

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