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1990 Birkin 7 S3 RHD

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Found on the For Sale thread, I bought my first Seven in February.


It's a 1990 Birkin 7 S3 from Japan that spent some time in Canada before entering the US in mid 2020. I have documentation of some recent work on it, and I'm going through it to get it ready for the summertime.  I have a few projects planned, mostly light maintenance, replacing some VDO gauges with matching new bits that read out in a scale I understand, cleaning up some broken and missing snaps on the body, and damaged snaps and zippers on the weather gear, adding a CHMSL, and a motorcycle-style weatherproof USB power port. I haven't done much driving yet, but I'm hoping this weekend will have the sort of weather to make for a proper introduction.


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28 minutes ago, JohnCh said:

Congrats, it's a nice looking car!  What is the engine spec?




Thanks! I don't have a history on the build. It's a 1700 Ford Crossflow, with dual 40 DCOE Webers. I've been told in another forum that the air cleaners appear sub-optimally small, as they're sized to fit under the uncut hood. Early problems starting it, and the state of the BP6ES plugs I had to throw out to get it running suggest it has some history of running slightly on the rich side. I guess I'll figure that out once I have a few of my own miles on it!


44 minutes ago, SENC said:

Nice!  And welcome!


Much appreciated, thanks!

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Crossflows may not win the HP wars, but they make more than enough to be fun, and to my ears, no other 4-cylinder option sounds better.  There are a number of folks here who own or have owned DCOE-fed crossflows, so if you run into challenges sorting out any issues, don't hesitate to start a thread in the General Tech section for input.



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