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The easiest way to transport your Caterham

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As the nearest track to me is over 60 miles away and god forbid something happens at the track trailering the car is the best way to insure I will get the car back home.

I tried a regular steel trailer with a heavy lift gate and it was a pain to handle, tow, load and unload.


The solution is the Aluma Tilt Bed super light easy to load and unload (after a bit of practice) I did install a Fulton 3rd wheel upgrade which is a must do for ease of handling, but now I can easily move the trailer single handed.


 if you are looking for a trailer check out the Aluma 6812 the car fits perfectly and you can tow it with a Honda Civic (I do).




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AAA worked for me before I had a trailer. Broke a lower control arm. AAA flat bed towed it home. I have looked at the Aluma trailers even looked into local dealers. If you line that with a Serpent Express cover you might have the perfect solution http://serpentexpress.com/



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Thanks for documenting this Brightonuk.  Last summer I was shopping for a tilt trailer but never pulled the trigger as I wasn't able to confirm what would work (approach angle and weight distribution).

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6 hours ago, Brightonuk said:

You can buy this one next month and I will throw in a Caterham Superlite :classic_wink:


My wife might see thru that ruse if I were to return with a trailer that happened to have a car on it, but as a strategy I think it is brilliant.

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