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Hi everyone,


I am looking for breaker boxes.

I own a 1981 Super 1600 and i think one of my breaker box is acting randomly.

Would you have a link where i could find the pair ??






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I looked for them over several years as mine were getting weak and popping.  I thought I found some on eBay and bought them but they do not have the proper connections.  The ones I bought were used a Rolls Royce for the electric windows.  I finally gave up and installed fuses that fit right into the connectors.  Not elegant but it will work until I get around to taking off the cowl to do it right.  I'll take a picture today if you want and/or I can mail you the ones that I am not going to use.




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When I pulled out the breaker boxes it looked like the female connectors were about the same size as the connector on mini sized fuses.  They plugged right in.  I bent up a piece of aluminum to make sure they stayed in place and secured it with screws and rivnuts.   It is not a perfect solution but then the headlights don't randomly turn off any more...



20200517_155554 (1).jpg


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