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Here is a picture of the car when I brought it home.



Rain mist and all. I autocrossed it for a year and was chasing lots of gremlins and figured I would take three or four months to improve the reliability. that got a little more extensive than I first though and it took about a year. 1889398427_StrippedcarFlip.thumb.jpg.5415f23a1fdfdee952c9d852957db9a8.jpg 

I apologize for not being very good with computers. I have had a hard time getting these pictures loaded because I took them upside down on my iPhone.  This isn't a right hand drive car. Side.thumb.jpg.a1b9e73ff1498601bf4c9ff0d5b47044.jpg 


Sitting on scales ready for a alignment. Couldn't find a autocross for this weekend so I am going drag racing to make sure nothing falls off. Next weekend two days at Summit Point.1621101642_Front4-19-21.thumb.jpg.c1f836fbb0a7547c6110cce9ac69dd10.jpg

Same car different view. The red lettering is a hold over from the red interior. That will turn to yellow. I want to recommend some companies that helped me get this done. Pegasus racing supply sells quality stuff and has very good service. They will answer your questions. Rebel wiring is a street rod shop that I got my wiring harness from. They were very helpful and custom made the wiring for the car. QuickSilver race engines builds great engines. Disclaimer -  The owner has been a friend of mine sense we were both in high school.  He built this engine as a reliable street engine for the prior owner five or six years ago and we ran it on the dyno this winter just as it came out of the car. It made exactly the same power (188 HP).  That is a testament to the prior owner's care as well. When you see the car ask me to show you the engine wiring harness. Diebold Autosport made a professional level wiring harness for me. It looks like something on a Indy car. For all your fastener and materials you can't get better service than McMaster Carr. They get stuff to me in one day. Call in the afternoon and you have it next day. I also want to give a big thank you for helping me to Beachman Racing. Bruce bailed me out of some stupid mistakes. He knows the cars and gives very good advice.  You have to be careful about his shipping. I got some seats from him and they were packed so well it took better than a hour to get all the peanuts picked up.  

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Yes it is Michaels car. The red is almost gone. The only thing on the car are the numbers I put on it. I have the seats and will put them back when I decide I don't want to track it most of the time. They are very comfortable in compared to the Tillett seats. The hardest part of the process was removing the carpet glue and all the rivets to remove the red interior panels to paint black.   

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