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Up for sale on BaT next month

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Not sure if I should post these in general but a heads up for things to look for next month on BaT


Here in Florida the daily driver concept was great in the winter but as summer approaches it is not much fun sitting in 90+ degree heat (although I look really cool) and the still cant find the A/C button.

She is a eye catching motor and never fails to get three or four comments when I am out in the neighborhood, kinda sad to let her go but I need something more practical and cant really afford the cat and another motor + the wife hates the trailer on the driveway (which I get reminded of on a regular basis)

I am going with a "no reserve sale" in the hopes she brings enough to buy the replacement EVIJA. :classic_unsure:


Superlite Walk Around


Driving in the Neighborhood


Aluma Tiltbed



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I'm starting to believe that the only way to get SLR wheel center caps is to buy a whole another SLR


So odd to hear that when NE season just starts your driving season is ending.


Good luck with the sale. 

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Feel free to give us feedback on BaT once you're all done. I'm curious and heard mixed reviews. 


As it sits it appears to be one of the premier sites for the selling and buying of 7's. 


Feel free to tell the new owner that there is a buyer for his center caps if he ever wants to sell them...

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Hi there, just seen your post and would like to know how much you would be asking for your caterham. 
I am a UK expat and have experience with caterhams and may be looking to get back into owning one. 
how do I get in touch?

Mark G. 

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2 hours ago, Mark G said:

Hi there, just seen your post and would like to know how much you would be asking for your caterham. 
I am a UK expat and have experience with caterhams and may be looking to get back into owning one. 
how do I get in touch?

Mark G. 


Hi Mark. The fact that he's being listed next month likely means he's already under contract with BaT and it's all set in stone. I don't think he could sell the car outside of the auction right now even if he wanted to without likely some kind of major breach of contract penalty. 


The good news is, he's listing it without reserve. Bad news is, no reserve drums up bids and this is a a very good build with extras. I don't expect this to go for any kind of bargain price. 


I feel like this video should be part of the auction



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Posted (edited)

Thanks V forgot about the Instagram video


Mark thanks for the interest but I will let it run on BaT as I think I will be closer to getting the down payment for the EVIJA.


If you look over my posts I have documented the life of the car since I owned it but here's a few photos of Track and Daily Driver Attire that I am including in the BaT auction


Please feel free to ask me any questions.2058415558_70CockpitDash.thumb.jpg.5b01512fbb1983094b4015f4e07570d4.jpg




60 Aero Cockpit Dash.jpg

62 Brooklands Cockpit Dash.jpg

71 Cockpit Dash.jpg

72 Cockpit Dash Speedo Functions.jpg

1 Brooklands  Exterior Right Side.jpg

Aero Exterior  Left Side 8.jpg

Brooklands Exterior Left Side 7.jpg

Fender Rear 6.jpg


111 Suspension 1.jpg

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What a beautiful Caterham! It looks brand new. My take on the BAT auctions of Caterhams is that really pristine cars do well, regardless of spec. Since yours is pretty high spec, that should put you that much closer to your EVIJA.


GLWA, as they say on BAT:).

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Cheers KC

Hoping to get at least the 10% down payment on the EVIJA .........if I don't get that a 2017 Honda Civic is the back up

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Civic? Why not stay with Lotus and buy a Evora GT? It costs 5% as much as the EVIJA, so it is a relative bargain!

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Posted (edited)

This is kinda bitter Sweet as I have really enjoyed the time I had at the track in the Caterham taking on everything from GTRs to McLaren’s and those Corvettes LOL holding my own (not through skill but because a Caterham really is that good)

Not so much fun driving on Florida streets (Can you give us one road with a curve) and the heat….my god the heat….


So a huge thanks to all for the guidance and support that you have given me over the short three years I have been here and maybe if I get embarrassed on the track with my next daily driver I will buy another 7. :classic_love:


Anyway, here is a little more in-depth information on my car, as the Bat write up is cut from this and does not include all the info, some is repeated on Bat some is new.

If you are interested in the car please post your questions on Bat and I will do my best to answer them.


2000 Caterham Superlite  2.0 Zetec Race Prepped engine along with a 2019 Aluma 6812H Tilt Bed Trailer

Originally Built in 2000 by Rocky Mountain Sports Cars in Denver Co the car was  purchased by the current owner in April 2018 the previous owners had used the car for weekend track days and did not register the as a road legal vehicle.


On bringing the car to Florida I added a handbrake updated the transmission tunnel from the bare aluminum to a Caterham padded tunnel option.

 Lowered Floors and upgraded all the lighting to LEDs

Mechanical Speedo was switched out for a Speedhut GPS model GR338-GPS-03

Showing :

  • ¼ Mile Time
  • Peak MPH
  • Mileage /Trip
  • Elevation
  • Time
  • Speed
  • Direction

Interior LED lighting, Instrim Odyssey Race Seats in black with a matching yellow insert and a 12 Volt output.

ABS Carbon Fiber finish paneling. (This is not Carbon Fiber)

Caterham Mats.

Steering is via a Racetek quick Release hub and MoMo MoD 11 steering wheel

A Cartek 5-Stage Programmable Sequential Shift Light mounted on the scuttle.

SB47 Boot cover with locking snaps and ABS Carbon Fiber Finish Interior Boot Trim (This is not Carbon Fiber).

A Tonneau cover is included but is a poor fit due to the Odyssey Race Seats larger head rest and custom roll bar, but will work in an emergency.



In 2019 the engine was rebuilt by Peter Shadowen of Road and Race West Palm using a ZX2 Zetec bottom end

The 2.0 Zetec top end upgrades include

  • TWM Throttle Bodies with airhorns and ITG Mega Flow Air Filter Oversize Valves and followers
  • Race Ported
  • Kent Rally Cams
  • The ECU was upgraded to a programmable Micro Squirt system.

In addition, the following work was undertaken”  

  • TWM Throttle Bodies refurbished by TWM  (Borla)
  • Competition Valve job
  • Line Bore Cam Journals
  • Hone block align hone Main block w/stock main bolts.
  • Deck block .0040"
  • JE Pistons 85mm with a 11:1 compression
  • ACL rod bearing set.
  • ARP head studs
  • New Injectors
  • New Coil Packs
  • New Exhaust studs and bolts
  • Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel (8.5lbs)
  • Aluminum Bell housing with angular clutch release set up.
  • Heavy Duty 9” Clutch
  • Exterior exhaust was coated using A Jet hot silver finish and finished with a Polished Simson Muffler.
  • Design Engineering Heat Shield 010393 on engine side firewall (Doesn’t Help Much)  

The engine and T-9 5 speed gearbox are both solid with zero issues and no leaks from either.



A Caterham fire suppression system is installed.

A new scuttle installed in 2019 and the emergency cut off switch which was repositioned and from the top of the scuttle to the driver’s side.

The scuttle in attached using rivnuts and thumb screws for easy access to the wiring harness see photos

A custom Roll Bar with side intrusion bars.

As part of the “extras package” a standard Caterham Roll Bar is in included in the sale.

5-point Cobreau racing harness with arm restraints



Wide Track

Front and rear Nitron NTR1 coil overs were added in 2020.

Two sets of Rims are included in the sale the original Caterham Superlight 'R' KN rims wearing Federal SS595s 185/60/13” up front and 205/60/13” in the rear for daily driving.

A second set of Compomotive CXR rims with Toyo Proxies R888 same tires sizes as above for track days.

The Federals have 95% +/- tread and the Toyo’s 65% +/-



The original front and rear Caterham Carbon Fiber cycle wings were replaced with Carbon Fiber wings from Westermann Motorsport using their oversized front 8” option (1” wider than Caterham standard fenders)

The car retains the original Carbon Fiber Nose Cone

The car was re-painted in 2019 in a Dodge Stinger Yellow with black racing stripes

There are various chips and blemishes from daily driving the nose has a small fracture (you can see this in the photos) it has been repaired with a GRP to stop any further damage but ascetically could use a bit of help and hood has a small hole in one of the vents again see Images and again not terrible but needs cleaning up a bit.


Lighting is from a pair of 4.5” LED Headlights with 7” Halogen Pods and bulbs as Spares I was going to switch back the output is not as bright with the Halogens but I think they look better on the car.

Rear Lights were also upgraded to Round LEDs in addition to Autolamp LED backup lights. (these are shown in the video and are exceptionally bright).  

The car is offered with both a “Track Day Aero Screen” that sports Carbon Fiber SPA Convex F1 style side Mirrors


For Daily use, an optional…… more street friendly Brookland’s setup.

The Brookland’s screens and mirrors are mounted on a stanchion for easy interchangeability via Caterham’s easy swap Retaining Channels.

Switching between the two can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes.

The dash is Carbon fiber with stock Caterham gauges except for the speedometer which was upgraded to a Speed Hut GPS option after three failures of the mechanical one. It shows 2000+ miles this is which is correct within a few miles as of the engine rebuild.  



2019 Aluma 6812H Tilt Bed Trailer absolutely the perfect size for the Cat and if you watch the video loading and unloading is a breeze.

Set of Compomotive CXR rims with Toyo Proxies R888

Side Doors

New Caterham Stainless Steel Rear Fender shields and all mounting hardware (never had the heart to drill the Westermann wings).

Painted 7 Front Grill

Tonneau cover (does not fit too well due to the seats and track day roll bar but will work in a pinch)

Interior Knee trim panels.

Caterham Rubber Mats

Pair 7” Halogen Headlights Pods and Bulbs

Lots of Electrical Extras; wiring, Deutsch and Weatherpack Plugs, Connectors (all the stuff I have from projects undertaken and planed nuts, bolts, Clecos, tools etc)

All paperwork and invoices since New


Not on Bat but also included in the sale is this taken just after I got the car to help installing the lowered floors ,

Great for lifting the car:  

Jack 1.jpg

Jack 3.jpg

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Questions on BAT?  Here are 2 you will get, so think up the answer.  Of the list your digits can record, what is a 1/4 mile time?  What is the highest mph you've seen.  Those questions are begging.


Good bidding!

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13 hours ago, panamericano said:

Questions on BAT?  Here are 2 you will get, so think up the answer.  Of the list your digits can record, what is a 1/4 mile time?  What is the highest mph you've seen.  Those questions are begging.


Good bidding!

Never tried the 1/4 mile the screen shot is a stock image.


Fastest? Here ya go at WPB with Peter Shadowen driving from Road And Race Testing the car after the engine rebuild.

Speedo Clocked 128mph



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@Brightonuk Not to keep beating the dead horse of the center caps discussion but I think it's fair to assume you won't be active on the forums much after the liquidation.


I see that years ago you didn't have them and were looking for them on the UK Forums and then you found them somewhere? Was this just a lucky purchase or did you have them made? Thanks. 

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