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New Seven in MA soon

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Apologies for not posting sooner, been off driving my miracle car.  Why miracle car?  Because somehow, last Saturday, this happened:IMG_8319.thumb.jpeg.d03edbbabdb1bd797a1baa2a954992fc.jpeg


Aside from a quick trip out of state (hooray vaccination, hooray being able to easily cross state borders!), it's been a tremendous time zipping around with this little car.  Loving it!


Thanks much for the inspection station recommendation, it couldn't have gone much smoother.  Great pack of people working there.  Ended up chatting about cars for a good half hour after my sticker was issued.  Now I just wait for the title to arrive and I think I'm fully official.



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On 5/18/2021 at 10:30 PM, Hettric said:


Congratulations on the car. Can you give a run down on registering in MA? It appears  things have changed for the better since I registered mine. Is it emission exempt?



I can only really comment on the process I went through, but it ended up not being nearly as bad as I thought it might be (fingers crossed, pending the title arriving in the mail).


The previous owner was the constructor in NY, and when they finished the build, they were issued a NY VIN and title.  I presented this title and my bill of sale (plus I brought some printed photos as visual aids) to the RMV (which now requires reservations to be made ahead of time) and after a small bit of discussion, the very friendly lady behind the desk processed my application.  There was some assistance from other RMV agents to help massage the application through their online system, but when she reached into the drawer to present me with my plates, I breathed quite the sigh of relief.  The initial reaction was that they don't handle custom/specialty construction vehicles, but after showing the VIN plate and NY title, they were willing to attempt the application.   If they refused, I'd have been sent to Quincy to trailer my car to the trooper inspection (luckily I also have all the build records in case this was going to happen) for an MA issued VIN.  Thankfully, it looks like I managed to get my Caterham registered as a normal car.  Well, a "normal" car, since it's apparently a 2000 Other Custom (vs, say, a 1991 Mazda Miata).  From there, it was off to an understanding inspection station, as recommended by Anker above.


Yes, it is indeed emissions exempt, as per the current MA law: "Cars, trucks and SUVs manufactured before model year 2006 (Note: while these vehicles no longer receive tailpipe emissions tests, if they emit excessive smoke they will fail their safety inspections.)"


So it, merely by dint of its true age, doesn't need to get sniffed.  Luckily the NYers didn't build and title it in 2007!  I've heard tell of people managing to register their Sevens as being from the 1960s via the engine stamping number, but that's just rumor.  I'm happy with how this all worked out though.



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Bring it to the Larz Anderson British car lawn day on July 11. Preregistration required, but it is only $25! There will be several more Lotus there, including my Caterham.



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