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Anyone know if a new 2021 Caterham 1.6 sigma engine (310 model) is able to pass emissions, specifically in Georgia? Or if they are lenient on providing alternate testing. Trying to figure this out before I commit to a new caterham.


In georgia, a newly built caterham will be titled as the initial year registered, in this case it'll be 2021, and 2021 emissions requirements will be implemented on that vehicle. That means:

1. Passing visible inspection for catalytic converter.

2. Passing fuel cap pressurization.

3. Passing obd2 history of emissions (and I think they look for a Check Engine Light too).


There is a 3 year grace period for 2021 models before it will require emissions testing.


I've contacted the emissions program for information about possible alternate testing (like tailpipe testing) in case the caterham obd2 port doesn't "work" for emissions, but they don't always grant these. I'm trying to avoid having to register it in a non-emissions county.

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This may help:  https://www.semasan.com/resources/everything-you-need-register-and-title-your-hobby-car-all-50-states

Best of luck, sir.


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PS - Please don't listen to people who offer advice on the dubya-dubya, as it can be difficult to tell if they know their schtuff or not, especially with many states having different processes and things changing as the years go by.  Best to acquire first-hand knowledge through a reliable source such as your local motor vehicle department's web pages, SEMA, etc.

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I am a few months behind you in Marietta.  My 310 kit will arrive sometime this fall.  


To get prepared, I spoke with a Cobb County tag office clerk.  She gave me the same information you seem to have tracked down.  Interestingly, one of the requirements in the process is apparently obtaining a rebuilder's license.  That seemed odd to me.  As you indicated, the downside to the process is that your car is registered as a 2021 and subject to emissions unless you get a waiver from the Georgia Clean Air Force.


However, I have heard from Cobra replica builders that you can avoid the emissions issue by going to the tag office with a bill of sale and Form T-22B.  Maybe your importer/dealer/seller can help with the bill of sale.  On the T-22B, you would insert 1957 Lotus Seven as the year/make/model and the serial/chassis number instead of the VIN.  If 1957 Lotus Seven is not in the tag office's system, maybe 1958 Lotus Super Seven or 1959 Lotus 7 is, and so on.  


I followed that same process for my Cobra replica (bought used and assembled).  It is registered as a 1965 and exempt from emissions.  And ad valorem taxes are something like $20 a year.


My plan is to go to the Cobb County tag office in person and confirm this alternative process sometime in the next few weeks.  If you beat me to it, I would greatly appreciate any insight.

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