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2014 Caterham Roadsport 140

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·         1.6 Sigma Ti-VCT with throttle body, 137 bhp (270 spec).

·         Type 9 5-speed gear box, and 3.61 standard Sierra diff (these are lighter than the current 270 spec),

·         S3 chassis, standard floors, Ballistic Orange paint, Black Pack, road suspension, 14″ KN Panasport with Avon ZT3s.

·         3 point inertia reel belts, leather seats, heater, Moto Lita steering wheel, carbon sill and wing protectors.

·         Full weather gear (heated windscreen, sidescreens, hood) Soft Bits For Sevens half hood with driver’s side zip out panel. 

·         Clean Colorado title and registration.

·         One owner from new, with *extensive* records and documentation.11,8xx miles.


This is a lovely road Seven, ready for scything back-roads. This Roadsport 140 (equal to a current 270 spec) Seven is local to us and is looking for a home. Currently in Castle Rock, Colorado, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend someone fly in and drive it home the long way. To Punta Arenas, or Prudhoe Bay, if that is where home is. We have seen and driven the car and think it is worth every penny. We are helping out the selling family as a favor to the Sevens community -- please reach out if you think your home could use a timeless orange machine.

 $37,500.00  Sorted. Fantastic condition, ready for the road.


Contact: josh.robbins@rockymountaincaterham.com


(Note: We (Rocky Mountain Caterham) are assisting the owner with the sale as a courtesy and can’t warranty it; however we have seen and driven the car and think it is a fine specimen that is sorted, titled, and ready to go for spring adventures. To recreate this as a new 270S would cost in the upper $40ks at current pricing.)

2021_0407_17212800 - Copy.jpg

2021_0407_17214000 - Copy.jpg

2021_0407_17214300 - Copy.jpg

2021_0407_17215000 - Copy.jpg

2021_0407_17215800 - Copy.jpg

2021_0407_17220500 - Copy.jpg

2021_0407_17220700 - Copy.jpg

2021_0407_17222200 - Copy.jpg

2021_0407_17222700 - Copy.jpg

20210407_140304-01 - Copy.jpeg

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I love the front number plate, very British style.  If enough (zero so far) cops bothered me about no front plate, I wonder if that would help?  


Cheers to the final buyer.

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Kris has sold her Dad's home and the Seven now needs a new garage so the motivation to see it sold is high. This is a wonderful car that RMC has inspected and feels very good about, so if you are at all interested give me a call at (3o3) 923-8I38 or send an email to http://info@rockymountaincaterham.com  and we will give you all the info you will need. This really is a great car folks!!!

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Interesting back story on the owner of this Seven:


His daughter (who is now handling his affairs) sent us this letter with the note: 

"Look what I found going through his stuff today . His interest in and pricing from Lotus Caribbean in 1967.

He wasn’t lying when he told me he’s wanted one for 50 years !"


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I have seen and driven this 7 and know the owner.  Its sad to see it go but the owner can no longer drive.


If it were an SV I would jump on it right now but sadly the S3 size is almost impossible for me to get in and out of nor can my big feet depress just one pedal at a time.  When I drove it I had to take my shoes off.


Its going to make the new owner very happy.


Here's a few more pictures from when the owner brought it by for me to see and I took a short drive in it.





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Price Reduced to $36,000 


Please give either me or Josh at Rocky Mountain Caterham a call. This is a great car and now that the Sigma engines will not be available, a more desirable car than ever!

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It's not a Caterham but I am taking delivery of a C8 Corvette convertible at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY on August 13th which is my 77th birthday, and driving it home.  Its a little more comfortable than a Se7en but doing my bit towards the 77 year old guys trend of driving cross country. :classic_smile:

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