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Quick release options

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As I sit 700 miles away from my latest Caterham (family first, cars second), I'm wondering what my options are for a quick release mechanism for my current fixed steering wheel.  What is everyone using these days? Must I replace the upper steering shaft, or can I just add a US sourced quick release to the existing shaft?


As always, thanks in advance,


Bill S.

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You can add a QR from Speedway, Summit or wherever so long as the diameter of the QR collar matches the shaft diameter. You can have a bushing machined and welded to the shaft. Or we can get you an upper shaft with the QR.  Your dropped floor is on the way.

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I got the one directly from Caterham, pretty nice, it was before I knew Simon at Meteor Motorsport otherwise  I would for sure have got it from him he's such a nice person to talk to and always ready to talk Caterham.

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