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Ford Zetec SVT engine for sale.

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As indicated here before, I have a spare long block SVT engine that I am ready to sell. Price is $1500, plus shipping, and sale is “as is” (no guarantees/warranty).


See attached photos.


The top end was rebuilt recently. When it was in the car it made 161 hp, 143 lbs torque on a chassis dyno. I’d add a new oil pump if I was going to use it but otherwise it’s good to go.


As you may know, the SVT is very different than the standard Zetec and falls about half way between that engine and the Duratec, powerwise. Its parts are not interchangeable with the stock version so this is really its own species of engine. It was only made a few years and is far less common than the standard Zetec.


Shipping won’t be cheap. I can deliver it to the Se7ens event at NJMP in September, or drop it off along the way, if not too  inconvenient. I would also consider driving  it 400 miles in any one direction from Cincinnati, if that helps. Maybe the buyer could also drive as well and meet me for an exchange? It weighs about 250 lbs but is pretty compact.







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Yes. He and I have discussed it but it wasn’t going to work for him.


BTW: The power numbers were with stock ECU and stock SVT intake system.

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Get rid of the variable cam intake mechanism, put on a Boundary oil pump and you're good.  You can use other Zetec intakes but they don't line up with the ports exactly. Doesn't seem to hurt much. We also tried the SVT intake on the dyno once fixed either in the short or long intake position, it didn't make much difference.  If your ECU doesn't handle the solenoid, just fix it in the short position, probably still longer than ITB's


These engines won't make as much power as a Duratec, but done right they are tough as an old boot.


I do have a few extra parts someone can have for the shipping costs.


1turbofocus on this board and Quicksilver know quite a lot about these so you're not on your own.

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On 8/29/2021 at 3:38 PM, wemtd said:

Does this fit vovchandr’s car???

This is still in the back of my mind. Maybe going into the fall I'll see where the dominos fall. For the next few weeks its still a mad rush to get existing motor to work for the track weekend. 

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