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1967 S3 (Millington XE 2.0L)

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@Rosteri  I am still coming back here to study your posts and absorb.  One question I am interested in - the Millington engine block.  Is this the block that Millington did to copy the Vauxhall 2L (re-rengineered so stronger) or is this their custom block that they build bespoke competition engines with, which is what I thought was called the "XE"?   The reason I asked is I thought you needed a Millington head to go with the block but you mixed and matched with a non-Millington head so I got confused.


Thank you for clarifying


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Hi Mike, the block is the aluminium version of the Opel/Vauxhall 2L 16v, which has an engine code C20XE -> hence the name Millington XE.


Millington produces also new heads for this block and builds complete XE engines, however they are usually with a longer stroke and max out the cylinder bore to 88 mm for this engine. The original KS or Coscast C20XE heads fit perfectly as well. According to Millington I'm the first one to build a 2.0L with their block, which I selected mainly so I could use the Caterham HPC as my reference vehicle in our local re-registration process. The main advantage of the Millington block is a weight saving of 20kg, which takes place in the front of the car, and of course everyone else uses the option to increase the volume to 2.5L, which takes the engine effortlessly to 300-320 bhp. 


The project took 11 months from start to first drive, but I'm still in shakedown mode to get rid of a few fluid leaks, leaking header joints, re-routing a few chafing oil hoses... all the normal stuff that appears only after driving the car. 

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Hi Rosteri


Thank you for clarifying.  The 2L displacement was what confused me and now I get why you were using the HPC as the reference.  


Thanks again


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