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Registering a Brunton Stalker XL 7-ish Replica in Washington State

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A long-winded, slightly off-topic question here.


I am considering purchasing this Brunton Stalker XL (a rather overgrown Lotus 7 replica), which is currently registered and licensed in Indiana: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2018-stalker-sports-car-stalker-xl/ and am trying to figure out what would be involved in registering it in Washington state.


The auction listing describes it as: "This Stalker XL is offered with an Indiana title listing the car as a 1962 Lotus Super 7 specialty constructed vehicle".


I checked with Worthington Licensing in Bothell and they verified the existence of the Indiana registration from its VIN number, and it is apparently shown as a 2018 (2019?) car with the description above.


According to the helpful clerk there, since this is not a standard manufactured car, the fact that it is already titled in another state is not helpful in getting it registered in Washington.  She said that it would be titled as a 2019 vehicle, as a replica car, and with the description that it is a replica of a 1962 Lotus.


It probably has to be 2019 emissions-compliant, or have a CARB emissions compliance/exemption certification.  The engine is a new Chevrolet V8 crate engine with GM computer, and appears to have catalytic converters in the side pipes, with O2 sensors.  Neither the engine nor the ECU have any CARB-compliance certificates.


The absence of such certificates and apparently not qualifying for CARB Emissions Exemption Certification would seem to mean that the car cannot be licensed in Washington state.


Does anyone in the club have any experience with registering a non-production (i.e. kit or replica car) in Washington state, particularly one that is already registered in another state, and that might be willing to offer a few suggestions or pointers?


I thought that I would contact Beachman Racing on Monday and ask for their input, because of their expertise with Caterham cars.


Regards, Peter Miles

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There is a provision in Washington state that you can register a custom replica vehicle as the original, for example, a custom 2006 Super 7 can be registered as a 1963 Super 7. If you do this the benefit is that the car will be recognized as a vintage vehicle in Washington State and you only need to register and pay fees once for the car. You will need to take all the sales documents to the DMV so they will set you up with an appointment for WSP inspection. The WSP will want a bills of sale for chassis, engine, gear box, body and rear end. Serial numbers are a must. The WSP will beat a serial number into the car. You’ll get some documents from them so you can title the car. Be prepared to have to get a bonded title if you go this direction. That will cost you $$$$. Now all of this information is available on line from the Washington DOT and WSP. I would read it carefully.


 Now having said that if the car has been licensed and registered in another state you should be able to go to the DMV and register and title the car.


Now if the car has never been registered it should come with an MSO. (Manufacturers Statement of Origin). If you title the car using this method it will be titled as a new car 2021 and you’ll be paying registration fees for 30 years.


 I would recommend contacting the Caterham dealer in Bellevue about titling a car. His name is Bruce and he’s a good fellow.





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Thanks Max,


Alan Perry of the ELCC pointed me to a Washington statute online and I drilled down through it and found an exception that I think applies.


The Related Laws and Rules section points to: https://app.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=46.16A.060


RCW 46.16A.060

RegistrationEmission control inspections requiredExemptionsEducational informationRules.

Section 2f: (f) Street rod vehicles as defined in RCW 46.04.572 and custom vehicles as defined in RCW 46.04.161


Drilling down through the “custom vehicles” link:

RCW 46.04.161

Custom vehicle.

"Custom vehicle" means any motor vehicle that:

(1) Is at least thirty years old and of a model year after 1948 or was manufactured to resemble a vehicle at least thirty years old and of a model year after 1948; and

(2) Has alterations to one or more of the major component parts listed in RCW 46.80.010 that change the appearance or performance of the vehicle from the original manufacturer's design or has a body constructed from nonoriginal materials.


The highlighted items above would seem to match up with any of the Seven clones, including the Brunton.  I will bring this to the attention of the DOL agent tomorrow morning and see what she has to say then.


Thanks, Peter

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I registered the Birkin in Wa. with no paperwork troubles, however due to pandemic, I did have to wait a couple months for an appointment at the State Patrol VIN inspection lane.  The DOL agent required a VIN inspection to complete the process. The car was from Calif as a 1964 SPCN Birkin S3 with a 2002 Ford engine.  The WSP inspector only looked at the VIN labels and matching number plate on the frame and did not delve into construction or safety items at all. Interestingly the Yr Make and Model all changed on my title which now shows as a 2003 yr, KITV make, 1964 LOTUS model with Roadster body style and 1100 lbs curb weight.

Good luck with your Brunton and hope to see you out there sometime!




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If you do get this car know that each license office is different with various levels of experience. The one where I live is now very experienced with Caterham/low cost/ and other Lotus vehicles. (I was their learning case) It’s also on the eastside of the state where shall we say we have a bit different perspective on government rules. I’d simply try to just license the vehicle through my local license agency here in Moses Lake.  

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