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DanM's Westfield Miata


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17 minutes ago, fastg said:

"301 RWHP at 14psi boost" is an astronomical number. In a perfect world 14.7 pounds boost will double HP, but the turbo exhaust system is very inefficient so you don't get double the power. So a stock 1.8 Miata on 12 pounds boost would be around 200 rwbhp. 




Thinking back it was 15 psi.  The exhaust quickly expanded from 2 1/4" to 3" after leaving the turbo.  The waste gate joined the main exhaust 18" down stream although according to Corky Bell 20" was the ideal length.  The rest of the exhaust was 3" until it came out of the muffler where it was divided into two Caterham OEM tail pipes out the back.


The only other engine upgrades were larger injectors and fuel rail.


The dyno plots show the Link vs. Hydra results.


Link vs Hydra dyno plots.pdf

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Handbrake Bracket update


So good news on the replacement handbrake bracket. Westfield sent through some replacement steel so I can go ahead and organize a mobile welder to come by and install. Happy Days. :classic_biggrin:



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