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Needed. 7 Series 2 hood


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Hi Brian, I have two ex-race car bonnets available… bare Ali, no louvres, one with a scoop opening one side. Are your dimensional requirements for standard S2 Lotus Seven? I’m an hour from Detroit, so a handoff might be possible depending where you are…

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I always prefer to trade for other lotus Seven parts... if you have any old bits you've taken off during a restoration, I'm interested!


Turns out I only have the one. See photos... 37" front edge to back edge at centerline. Looks loose-ish on my own '61 Seven, but may cinch down more tightly with properly placed catches.




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37” will work 

looks a little tired 


I have the original radiator. Just been hot tanked tested and painted. Also ali tubes for soft top. 

what you think?

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Could you post a photo of the radiator,

showing the manufacturers tag (Serck) if it had one? If it’s a genuine old

radiator, I’m interested in it - and the hood sticks too. I think that would be a fair swap.

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I can’t seem to attach pics.

Let’s take our discussion to emails.

I’ll have a better chance of getting it right


Home locations is near Toronto





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