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2022 Annual USA7s Event hosted by NJMP Drivers Club - September 17/18/19, 2022


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We will miss you Mike.  I still can’t believe you are driving around in a Miata.  How embarrassing. 😝.  I hope you come to your senses and buy your fourth Se7en. 

we are less than two weeks away from the event now.   Those of you still fettling with your cars need to turn up the wick and Get R Done.     See you soon. Tom. 

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4 hours ago, Croc said:

Last call for sign ups.  We need 2 more cars by Saturday to guarantee our own se7ens run group.  If we miss that then you run with the other big fat lardy cars.  











Are you joining or not?


We would love to have you.  



Looks like i'll be there. My 5pts just came in and are installed, helmet arrives tomorrow and i'm dropping off the car at race shop for a once over and geo! i will be registering and pumped for the experience. 

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One week away now.  Looks like we have a definite fourteen with a potential of a couple more if they get their rears in gear.  

We met the new Drivers Club Director yesterday on his first day in the job and he’s a good guy who will work with Croc on setting up the run group 


We will try to set up in the large event garage as we have in the past depending on when we are allowed into the paddock as there is another event going on on Saturday. 


We have reservations for a dinner at the Pub out by the pool on Saturday for those who are arriving on Saturday.   

Safe Travels 


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For those arriving at NJMP on Saturday before 5-5.30pm, I suggest you make your way to my garage overlooking the Thunderbolt track.  Directions: Come in through the main gate.  Turn left at the T intersection then first right.  Follow access road until you reach the cluster of trees on the righthand side - there is a sign Corsair Drive on the right.  Turn there and then left to garage 367 (3rd last door).  The garage is a good spot to hang out watching Donor's Club (track day for bikes).   I have vast supplies of water and sodas and a limited supply of beer since people keep drinking it.  


After around 5-5.30pm on Saturday we will be making our way to the NJMP Clubhouse for drinks and dinner.  Look for us at the pool area.  Dress is casual.


For those arriving Sunday, please head direct to Thunderbolt pits.  Look for the main event garage - its the big barn like building to the right of the control tower in the pits.  NJMP will email you a Sunday schedule the day before the event.   


Cars can be stored in the main event garage from after 7-7.30pm on Saturday.  Cars can also be stored overnight on Sunday ahead of the Monday event.  Due to my garage being fairly full of money pits currently, I have only 2, maybe 3 spaces for sevens for overnight storage inside.    


As a reminder, NJMP requires use of arm restraints with your 5/6 point harness for open top cars like ours.  While I have 2 (maybe 3?) spare sets, I encourage you to get your own this week since I may not have enough spares for every one.  They can be purchased cheaply from any number of race shops.  


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On 5/10/2022 at 3:45 PM, Kitcat said:

Hard to believe its up to 12 years. Where does the time go?

This event’s gestation actually occurred the year before when some of us participated in the Lotus Owners Group 30, in Gettysburg. That event brought Croc, Tom (YellowSS), Scott Lentz (RIP),  MichaelD, and myself together for the first time. We had so much fun at the event’s track day at Summit Point that Tom, as I recall, came up with the idea of doing it together again, but this time without our friends in the Lotus Owners group.


It has proven to be a huge success, in no small part due to the tireless efforts of Croc and Tom, combined with the world class track facility at NJMP.


Not clear if I will sign up. As noted elsewhere, my 15 years of se7en ownership may be drawing to an end. I get my refurbished Caterham back from Rocky Mountain Caterham in 2 days. That will be immediately followed by a track day at nearby High Plains Raceway and then the long haul back to Cincy, so plenty of time to decide Stay tuned.

Saturday I was at a track event and my instructor was Michael Lysczek. He got me because he was an instructor at Summit Point for your event. He said he really enjoyed the event and wore the shirt because he wanted to show me.



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