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Lotus 7 Project

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I have this Lotus 7 project car for sale and it would make a great vintage race car/track day car/or even potentially a street restoration project.    I was intending on building this chassis up into a S2 vintage race car for a customer but he recently purchased an Elan and has backed out of the project.   The chassis came from Chris at Sevens & Elans and is super straight, clean, and rust free except for some mild surface rust where the paint has peeled from the chassis tubes.   I am certain that it is an early Lotus 7 chassis based on several key "tells" on the frame but unfortunately at this point there is no way of verifying that.  The tin chassis tag was removed and the short frame section where the front of the pedal stanchion bolts to was cut out at some point before me ending up with the project.   This section of the frame is where the original Lotus frame # would have been stamped and I can't imagine why it would have been cut out unless someone wanted it for another car in order to claim it was an original Lotus 7.    It would also be a simple task to replace this section and I am willing to do this for the new owner if they so desire.   But, I digress and here are other relevant details of the parts that accompany the project


In addition to being a clean, straight and rust free chassis, there have been some nice reinforcements made to the transmission tunnel and rear transmission mount as can be seen in one of the pix.   And while there are some imperfections in the aluminum skin, in my estimation if someone was careful in removing it when doing the frame, the skins could be easily cleaned up and re-used.   There is also a nice aluminum bonnet (hood) and intake scoop included but no fiberglass.


Most of the front suspension bits are also included and are as follows:  Upper and lower a-arms, sway bar, proper early uprights with the bolt on caliper brackets, brake calipers, spindles, hubs, a rebuilt RHD steering rack and also the fender stays.   I will also provide wheel bearings, trunions, bushings in order to complete the front suspension.


Shocks:  There is a nice set of QA1 adjustable aluminum bodied coilovers and 185# springs for the front and steel Spax adjustable coilovers and springs for the rear.

Aluminum brake/clutch pedal stanchion including the original clutch and brake pedals.  There is no gas pedal but that is an easy thing to fabricate 
Steering shaft with nice 3 spoke leather Racetech steering wheel, plus a proper early aluminum steering wheel hub attached to a ratty old steering wheel.
BMC 3 into 1 header and exhaust.  
I have $4375 invested in everything above and at this point would just like to get my money back out of it.   I will also consider selling off the parts listed above individually so if you are interested in anything mentioned please shoot me an email or PM and if some of the parts end up being sold, the price of the project will be adjusted downwards accordingly.     Located in Akron, OH and it could also potentially be put on a pallet and shipped with the parts placed inside the chassis if someone desired.    Or, if someone is interested in going vintage racing and having me build them a top-notch vintage race car this would be an ideal starting point and I am certainly open to discussions in that regard.   Craig Chima,  CC Motorsports, (330) 807-0742 or chima97@aol.com







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