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WTB Center caps for KN Wheels


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Vin, are you looking for the center cap that attaches to the wheel or the cosmetic disc that attaches to the center cap? KN made a number of wheel models that may share center caps but you should measure the size of the hole in the wheel or the cap you have. Monitor caps are available but these are Jupiter wheels.

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MV8, Vovochandr,

I am looking for the Cap not the badge. By Cap, I mean the Aluminum cup, a bit bigger than a shot glass, that presses into the wheel center from the rear. The four that came with the parts from Lar's barn had Goodyear badges on them, I changed them to the Seven ones above. One of mine got dented, and over the weekend another Seven owner I know had a rear wheel come off while driving and bent an axle, tore up a wing, and damaged the center cap, but thankfully, neither he nor his wife were hurt. He has all the parts to fix except the cap.

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Looks like it would be easy to dent with a leg wrench. I'll look for something similar but you may need to change them all if there is no identical match available. Need the wheel bore size.



May fit but plastic snap-in with a 2.5" hole in the rim:



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