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Gopher Wanted?

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    I live in Portland, Maine, the cultural capital of the Northeast Northeast of the USA. More lawyers and restaurants per capita and the most diverse population of the second whitest state in the whole New Knighted States. Over 60 languages are spoken by Portland's diverse school population.


[if you want more Touristo Screed, email me]


I am at this moment in my life sheared of all garage space, tools, tinkering, etc. Indeed, I have no acquaintances to whom I can pass greasy parts and clean tools. I surmise that somewhere in the Great White North there are folks who wrench their se7ens, Loti, etc.


If you are within 75 miles of Portland, I'd be delighted to provide everything except expertise to help you with your project. When I am cured of garagelessness, I am planning on building a Locost or restoring a Lotus +2 or somesuch.


If I have mis-posted this, I'm sure one of the helpful moderators will move it.




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