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So, tell us a little about yourselves

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4 hours ago, Croc said:


I do like your style....I really do...  :classic_laugh:


We have a single car garage at the house. 


Or as I like to call it. 7 + 2 bikes :classic_biggrin:

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3 hours ago, TheKid9 said:

I have tried to get in contact with this owner/seller as I do see a windshield in the pictures and other parts but had no luck.



The trick with reaching a seller after auction or actually anyone on Bringatrailer is to find an auction where they commented and simply add a post to the end with a @NAME  [swap in their profile name] and say you are trying to make contact and provide your email.   Most users have it set to get an email if they get an attribution in a Bringatrailer post.  It may just work this time for you.  

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