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Just trying to determine, what makes seats comfy and supportive, yet makes the original birkin ones so darn arse numbing... so whatever we come up with is good for longer than a 1/2 hr without hurting.


Sadly "Affordable".. is a slippery statement around our homestead right now.

i just ordered some new headlight$ so we can leagalize this thing.


(besides mary didnt like the little 4" lights so we are going with a 5-3/4" so i can put the appropriate high/low bulbs in them)

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Got the headlight buckets... now do i make new brackets? or keep the old? Do i spend money for the cool headlights? or just get a normal set of sealed beams at autozone? ... do i eat lunch this week?

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what about this???

ok,,, they are NOTcheap...


but maybe i get a regular pair and can do a little re-fabricating?


if i can find a set with a plastic or metal reflector, i can make a slice in the back, insert a piece of polished stainless thin sheet to seperate the headlight from turn signal, and just put in a little yellow bulb in the bottom part? Hmmmm yeah..




I can just have a nice clean headlight bucket assembly, and not even worry about a seperate turn signal...


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Start getting your tools out because just like everybody says, the more you look it at the more you will want to change. Got my S2K from someone who did a great job on the basic build but looks like he was getting tired/hurried near the end. Been pulling it apart and putting it back together one section at a time for most of the (California) winter and "making it mine". Part for changes and part for getting it by the CA. legal hoops for a real steel plate.

Looks like from the list of your other cars your used to small cuts from wrenching and big lumps on your forehead from beating it against the walls already so your most of the way there! LOL

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Alrighty...another project done!

these are the new 5-3/4" size headlights.

I fabricated the mounts, the buckets are harley, the lights themselves are a halo with blinker light deal. So this eliminates the extra turn signal and cleans up the installation quiet a bit. A weight saving of .25 LB per light assembly too.


The 7" always seemed to big, so when i replaced them with the 3" that was too small! but the 5-3/4" seem Juuuuust right!


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