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New Super 7 project based on S2000

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Thanks for feedback. More pictures including straight on are http://lambobuilder.com/LS7/chassis/suspension/susPart3/index.htm

The sway bar is stock S2000 in the OEM location, simply adopted to my custom chassis.

I could move shock attach point to bottom of cross members if mounted on bottom. Can't' simply drop as I could not get bolts through shock eyes.

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I can understand using/replicating as much S2000 suspension parts as possible... My 7, with an S2000 motor and Subaru independent rear end, weighs 1450lbs. There are no sway bars and I can't imagine the need for one (front or rear).

Got a feeling your car will be approximately the same weight and that bar will be way overkill and may negatively affect handling. You can always use it as a template for a smaller diameter one should you feel it's needed after completion.

It should be noted I have no engineering or mechanical backround so my comments are more for you to get a second opinion then to actually go by what I say;)

That rear shock set up looks trick and I'm sure you can get it dialed in with a little research. Keep up the good work!

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Hard to be sure from the photo above since it's not a pure "straight on" view, but that rear rocker looks to have a serious falling rate ratio that you may want to reconsider. Also, you might consider triangulating those rockers themselves. I'll see if I can find a photo of the ones on the race car.


worked, see below



I love the suspension set up. Do you have any issues with your shocks over heating

in a race. I have seen shocks get so hot that they blue the rod.

One of the advantages of having them out in the air is cooling

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Though you can go through the math and figure things out, there is an easier way since you have something physically built. Take the coil off the shock (I'm assuming you can do this easily), disconnect the sway bar, and take the wheel off. Starting at full droop, move the suspension in small increments, say 1/4" at a time. At each position measure the shocks eye to eye length. Once you have done this for the entire suspension travel, you can plot on a graph wheel travel versus shock travel. This is easily done in Excel.

A falling rate is when the shock travel is progressively less relative to wheel travel as you go from full droop to fully compressed. Rising rate is the opposite.

Now the likely next question is, what should I be aiming for? That's tough to give a definative direction on.

I would suggest that before you do anything, you also determine whether the front is falling or rising rate. I would suggest a good place to start is the reasonably closely match them, and to try to get near neutral, though most 7 front suspensions with canted outboard shocks are slightly falling rate.

Hope this is of some help.

Have fun.


BTW, I agree that Carrol Smith's series of books are a great reference and a good place to start.



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I find Paul Haney's book: Inside Racing Technology to be a little bit easier for most people to comprehend than the carol smith books. That being said, it doesn't have nearly the depth that the carol smith books do.



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I'm sure suspension can be really complicated, but Jack, that's one of the most simple, logical and easy to understand suggestions I've seen. Good job!



I agree with you Mondo, Brief, and very clear.


Kudos Jack

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Had an accident in Feb. Plate and 11 screws make it functional again.



Redid rear suspension ass suggested









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Got the front mocked up as well






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Wow! Hope your feeling better.

Topnotch work your doing. Kind of surprised you didn't do a similar thing with the front suspension and go for a cleaner look with an inboard-shock design (doubt any of us could tell the difference in handling).

Keep up the good work. Wish I had your skills... look forward to more progress.

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Progress. Found fenders at Tractor Supply. $40 each. Needed some work but should do nicely. Of course I will need to make them wider. Never do anything easy.

Added two roll loops and fabricated the back of the car as it will not be typical. Pictures on my blog.


https://lambobuilder.wordpress.com/2015 ... -progress/

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Ok. Been able to do some work on the car. Managed to get the frame painted and floors installed. Biggest thing is I made removable side panels started out with Fleece material. Will finish with body filler later but it was a cool process and has all kinds of possibilities for one off's.


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