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Tail of the Dragon Warning

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This was posted on the Miata net forum. Passing it along for comment. Not sure if it is real or not, I couldn't find his myspace page. I sent a copy to Killboy to see if he knows anything about it.








Posted by TNHP officer Cagle on his myspace page










posted by a State Trooper:




"Hey, just to give you a heads up for next season----we have a new


captain in the knoxville district which covers blount county------he has


already told us that we will put a stop to the "race track driving" up


on the dragon this year------so far what they have said is that the


speed limit is 30mph and "ANYONE" caught going 50mph and up will be


charged with reckless driving and will be jailed and their bike/car will


be impounded-----I am telling you this because i am trying to put the


word out to everyone i know----or to people who know people that go up


there-----I don't want to have to take people to jail for this---however


I have bills to pay and I kind of like having a job---so never the less


I have to do what i am told to do-----so the way i see it is that if


killboy.com knows and you know and dealsgap.com knows and whoever else


can find out can pass this along---it will benefit everybody--------feel


free to copy and past this and let everyone know-------if you get caught


up there it is only your fault because i am trying to pass the word


along for everybody's sake-----we are not just going to come up from the


bottom like in years past---they are gonna have us go through cherohala


skwy in north carolina and come from the top down to the bottom----so no


more free rides on your way back to the state line----they are gonna


bring unmarked cars with radio's and have unmarked bikes up


there----this will be a joint effort with blount county and the


THP-----The entire THP motor unit will be brought in 2 people at a


time(for a week long assignment) to be paired up with the local


car----they plan on busting tail at least 3-4 times right off the


bat---then they will sit back and see what takes place-----these orders


came from Nashville Headquarters---we have a complete brand new higher


ranking structure from the very tip top spot down----they have said we


will work until the problem is solved----just wanted to give you and


your friends a heads up..........SIGNED..........Trp Cagle with THP


assigned to Blount County Division----(don't come crying to me if you


get busted----cause I'm telling you now)"

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The question that interests me is 'why?'




Has there been a big increase in accidents or is it this guy just doesn't like cars the way we like cars? I would have thought an action like this could have a pretty big negative impact financially on the area - if groups (like ours) stop coming it would surely lead to a big drop in tourist $'s - or maybe the new guy thinks he can make up the difference in citations and fines http://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/images/emoticons/mad5.gif




Watch this space I guess.

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Steve, there was a very good explanation for this on corvetteforum.




90% of the road is in TN, but all the major businesses that profit from it are in NC. So, NC gets the tax revenue, and TN gets the headaches and emergency expenses.

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Thanks for the heads up, Skip.




I have 3 thoughts: A) This is why it's good to have the Auto-X as part of the weekend...save your need for speed for that, B) Even at 30 MPH, the Dragon will be a hoot for a Se7ener, C) One of the reasons I'm going down in April is to drive some other less well known roads in the area.




The Dragon is fun, a relentless turn factory that I think is one of the highlights of the area...but it's not the only road. I love the Cherohala too.

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I got this reply from Darryl at Killboy.com:




Hey Skip,




Yeah it's true, although I'm not sure if you should worry about it too much. They always try to spook everyone at the beginning of the season with a little show of force. I doubt they will have the funds to do this very many weekends, so it's a crap shoot.




Best Regards,


Darryl Cannon





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chances are that our weekend, which is the weekend AFTER the 4th would be a little more lax...




I agree and I'm certainly not cancelling my reservation!





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BULLETIN: We have received numerous emails concerning the recent posting on the Internet by a supposed Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper warning of dire consequences on the Dragon this coming year for speeders. We do not post rumors on this site so we contacted Captain Ray Fletcher of the Knoxville Division Tennessee Highway Patrol. He confirmed as we had believed that some of the details in the post are completely false, such as the immediate arrest and impoundment of vehicles for speeding over 50 mph on the Dragon.




Captain Fletcher was not able to comment on whether or not the post was made by a Trooper, but some of the language, unusual statements and obvious errors as stated above make us believe the post was by someone other than who supposedly signed their name and position to it. Obviously a real Trooper would not jeopardize his job by signing such a post.




Captain Fletcher stated that the laws will be enforced on the Dragon as they are on all Tennessee roadways. Tail of the Dragon advises riders to obey the laws and they will have no trouble with the Tennessee Highway Patrol or Blount County Sheriff Deputies.




We will post relevant news as it occurs in the coming year. Watch for continuous updates.

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I would be interested, possibly leaving from NJMP event to get down to NC/TN by 7-7-17? Don't know how much time I have to organize anything too big remotely though...but perhaps some other folks would like to caravan?

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