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In my opinion the Zetec engine has just as much potential as the Miata engine does maybe even more.


To get 300HP to the wheels of the Zetec is very easy to do with a turbo as mine is making just over 700 to the wheels in my street Focus Zetec and I LOVE using the stock ECU in the Caterhams


Stock Zetec bottom end with a good head , ITB and tune will net you in the 180 easy



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My memory says the early models up through 2003 were 293 hp and redlined at 9,000 rpm. Later models were detuned to 284 hp and redlined at 8,500 rpm. With headers the early models gained to 300 hp.


Both the F20C and F22C engines produce 240hp. The F22C is a stoked version of the F20C that increased the displacement to 2.2L, had an increase in torque of 9 ft-lb from 153 to 162, and is said to have a better torque curve making the S2000 a more drivable car.


For reference:



The F20C is a more sought after platform, especially now that it has become a popular transplant for projects like Lotus 7's, 80's Toyotas, etc.

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