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any local members want a schedule a small local meet in the region?


LEO has a long island drive schedule for 5/5, anyone interested in a meet sometime/soemwhere else? http://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/images/emoticons/party.gifhttp://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/images/emoticons/grouphug.gif

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Jon-I have a wedding in NYC on 5/5.




I would be up for getting together some other date in May or June. I have a nice little 1.5 hour route along the Delaware River mapped out already, if anyone cares to travel out that far. The Water Gap would be another good run. We have at least a half dozen Sevens in the NJ/Eastern PA area. Jon-are you willing to travel out this way? We're about 1 3/4 hours from NYC.




Anyone have another suggestion? Princeton area? Bear Mountain?

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not a problem heading in ur direction. had it out in the poconos on gravel roads late last summer at my cousin's place, so i had the 7 on plenty of long distance drives. I have starting to look at garages here in NY to work on my 7, but want to make a run out to your choice and see their work.




i hope to do a Bear Mtn to the Hawks Nest run sometime this spring.




I also think it would be incredbily cool for an NYC drive. take broadway all the down Manhatten.




sunday April 15th or 29th good for anyone?Boxologist2007-04-02 10:11:49

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April not as good as May/June for me...




I would be up for a NYC drive too. Perhaps 5th Ave from the Upper East down to Washington Square? Though I would be reluctant to park anywhere besides an outdoor lot or curbside where I could see the car at all times...maybe we eat in Hoboken?




A good time for an NYC drive would be any Sunday in August, early AM...city doesn't wake up until about 11 and many people out of town.

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