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[MERGED] Carlisle May 18-20

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We will be there, dad and I. Sadly, I won't be driving the 7. 6+ hours of total drive time on the Pa turnpike with a BEC 7 can't be enjoyable. I don't know about the rest of you but those semi's are BIG when I'm in the car.:eek:

Westfield booth @ 11am ch. 7:thumbs:



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When I drove down to Shenandoah in torrential thunderstorms, I drove 40 mph in the right lane of 78 and 81 with my blinkers on whenever it got bad. I found that trucks gave me a wide berth and often gave me a friendly honk or wave when they passed. I think the BEC part of your situation is the true limiting factor.


As noted, I will have the kids with me so no Se7en. If I'm stuck in Traffic (I've heard it happens during the shows), I'll call Mazda. I had sent one contact list of 777 attendees around a while back that had phone numbers on it. FRS radio channel 7 (and subchannel 7 if there's interference on the main line) for contact at the show.

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I'm still thinking of trying to make it down depending on how my move is progressing. I'd really like to meet you all to put faces to forum handles/avatars. The Seven is here now (as of Saturday) so I would likely bring it if the weather looks decent.


No FRS, though, so you'll all just have to listen for the barking Webers. :D


I should know by Thursday if I'll be able to go.

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I had really hoped to make it to Carlisle this year, but I have a couple "volunteers" willing to help me out this weekend so I'll probably be staying home and putting the engine and tranny in the Birkin. Had looked forward to meeting some of the local USA7 members, and checking out the Deman and Westfield booths, but I REALLY need to start making some progress on this car so I can be driving it this summer. For any of you guys that are going, could you do me a favor, and take and post some pics of ANY interesting se7en or related stuff at Carlisle? It'd be much appreciated!!


Thanks, Bruce

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I had really hoped to make it to Carlisle this year, but I have a couple "volunteers" willing to help me out this weekend so I'll probably be staying home and putting the engine and tranny in the Birkin. Had looked forward to meeting some of the local USA7 members, and checking out the Deman and Westfield booths, but I REALLY need to start making some progress on this car so I can be driving it this summer. For any of you guys that are going, could you do me a favor, and take and post some pics of ANY interesting se7en or related stuff at Carlisle? It'd be much appreciated!!


Thanks, Bruce


You can count on pics :yesnod:

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Damn am I out of shape. I just got to my brother's place in Carlisle after walking around the show for about 3.5 hours.


Got to meet Justin of Brunton, Jim of Coveland, Jamie of RM Motorsport (they make the Diva) and the triumvirate of Westfield: Tom, Doug, and Julian - the Managing director from the UK. Doug is definitely going to be at 7-7-7 with his Miata-engined Westfield. Also met John Hartley, the maker of the rad, Busa-based compact V-8.


Mazda was there, and John V., and Allen B. (Elise owner, but we won't hold that against him), and apparently Michael D. and his wife too (sorry I missed you, Michael). Missed Andrew7. and his Dad...wonder if they made it in from Pittburgh.


One of the nicest things about the show was meeting some new folks, who didn't even know about the 7-7-7 meet. One guy was there with a nitrous-Busa milled Dax, and another guy brought his Volvo p1800 powered Locost.


I'm going to try and post some pix now.

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Was anybody on Channel 7 ?:D




We were 15 minutes late, we spent an hour walking a circle around the whole place and nobody heard of Westfield vendors. Our second trip around I stumbled onto them. I got to talk to Doug from Westfield, tall English chap, who I believe will represent Westfield in the southeast. I have to say that I am very impressed with their car, clean, neat and tidy. I seen alot of hacked up cars today and Westfield was NOT one of them.


I also seen the Busa-DaxRush, nice car. It held the 0-60 record at one time of 3.14 sec. While there measuring the width, I got to meet Jon Winterhalter who built a BMW powered Locost featured in Car and Driver. His current project is a Locost Atom.


I went back to Westfield and found out I missed Al and the gang. Talked with a guy who wanted to build a Locost and showed him my build pics.


I really liked this show because it wasn't just JAP cars. It was every type of import you could think of. Mazda did you see the Vovette? A stock looking volvo station wagon with a corvette engine, I did not see what it did on the dyno.


No pictures, just some video.

After 6+ hours driving 400 miles and walking around there for 6 hours, I'm tired. Later.

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No, I missed the Volvette... I wish I knew it was there. The guy belongs to another forum I'm on (LS1Tech.com). At least if he's the same guy.


That car is insane. It's not just a LS1. It's turbo.


I was very impressed with the Westfield as well, and the fact that they brought out factory guys. Same for the Stalker guys :thumbs:

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Andrew7-My apologies. Just got home (same 3 hour one way drive that you had) I did have the radio on, but perhaps not loudly enough.:nonod:


We were hanging around the Westfield booth from like 11:15 to at least noon, before walking around and grabbing lunch. Then circling back to Westfield and Brunton. At least you know we were there! Regarding the Volvette, my older daughter mentioned that car as we were leaving. I had no idea what she was talking about. My favorite non-Se7en there...the blue Renault R5 Turbo. Again, my apologies for passing you like ships in the night. Hope you had a good time despite it all. The good news is that, as Mazda reminded me, our little car meet is only 6 weeks away.


I'll post pix from Carlisle Monday morning when I have a connection remotely resembling high-speed.

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No problem Al. When I got there I asked doug if other seven club guys stopped in and he had not seen you yet. We probably were bumping into each other and didn't know it. Next time, let's wear 7 t-shirts or something. :) I was surprised to see only 5 seven cars total. I lost track of all the Cobras I seen. I think I missed the Renault but I did get to see a turboed-SBC Ultima Can-Am, it was beautiful. The tires on this car were WIDE, think F1 width, maybe 18".

The Saint's Volvo on display reminded me of the Aston Martin DB5 from James Bond. Speaking of Volvo, I might start checking them out for my next vehicle. The Volvo club had some nice rides out there. The supercharged TVR's were real nice, one black TVR was owned by a couple 10 miles from me. Even the micro-cars were there, the BMW 600 3 wheeler(the Urkel mobile). Al, did you park your TT up in the field with the rest of the Audi contingent? You would have had a great view. See everybody in 47 days.:hurray:

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Hayes Harris was there from wirewheel.com with a Birkin and Panoz AIV (squint real hard and you'll see the Se7en in there somewhere.







Jim from Coveland was there too, with a Miata-motored Locost. Note that is neither Jim nor Mazda nor I in the photo.:D





The nitrous equipped 'Busa Dax. David W. is the owner...had never heard of the Dragon meet (what rock are these guys hiding under?), will try to make it. FWIW, the shape of the Dax may be my favorite, even besting my own Caterham. Very mean and wide looking.









Daniel M. from Maryland was also there with his "work in progress" Volvo p1800 based Locost. I was looking around for Se7ens and spotted his, in what I thought was the wrong section, until I saw what motor he had in it. Good guy and I think he's going to try and make it to 7-7-7 too.











If you have the book "Lotus Seven & the Independents", you may have come across this car, the R Motorsport "Diva". Visually, it's a combination between a Se7en and a Cobra. The creator, Jamie Dunst was there.


http://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/upload/954610420_RM Diva.jpg



John V. was there with his nice Twin Cam. I think one of the great things about the Dragon meet will be seeing how different even two cars from the same maker can be.







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We stopped by the Stalker booth and Mazda chatted up Justin S. for a while. I've never seen a Stalker up close and was very very impressed with the fit and finish of the silver and black car they had on display. Justin and Dennis are planning to be up at the 7-7-7 meet for all of the Saturday activities...since the Stalker Ambush is dovetailing with the USA7s at the Dragon event they have a lot of stuff to manage that weekend. It will be great to have them and their loyal Stalker owners on hand.


Mazda E. on the left, Justin S. on the right.





Begin Stalker sequence (to borrow a killboy phrase).















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John Hartley, Caterham owner and mechanical engineer extraordinaire, was there with his 2.8 liter V-8 based on Suzuki Hayabusa heads. He was supposed to be showing with Chet Galek, who imports the Fisher Fury, but the Galeks had a family emergency and so John was there by himself.


Compared to some of the other displays, John's was a real down home production, but that didn't stop people from swamping him with questions. Here's the answer to one of the most common questions...between $28 and $30k. Still cheaper than bringing in one of the similar UK V-8s.


He was obviously selling the steak and not the sizzle.





John was in this mode for much of the time we spent there.





Begin Hartley sequence:







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