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2003 Caterham Zetec Supersport for sale.

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I can vouch for Tony being a straight up person. He brokered the Seven I bought (I still love it) I paid a fair price for it, he helped with the shipping. Helped me get a seat so that I could fit.


We need more Tony's

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Since my name has been mentioned several times in this post, thought I would chime in.

I have been very happy to to put 5 or 6 Caterham sellers and Caterham buyers together in the past few months. All have been very happy with the cars and I really enjoy doing it. Not one of them did I solicit being involved in. ( i think, but maybe there was one that I offered my services)


As the general rule, people approach me to about their cars, find them a buyer or find them a car. Not two weeks goes by that I dont get a call or Email. And I dont do this for free, but I dont get rich either. That is what makes the world go round.


So when a person calls me about a car, if it is fairly priced, I usually do have a buyer for it.


Fairly priced is of course the operative word. And even that has multiple layers. If a person has a car that he has done a lot of "things' to it, then you have to find the one person that wants that car. Sometimes it takes months or even a year or more.


In the case of this car, it was fairly priced and I knew someone that would buy it because of that. All I was concerned about is the the seller and the buyer were happy, and they both were. I do not feel bad because someone else did not get it, that was not my fault that someone else did not see the value of the car the same way I did.


It is all about the timing, knowing the market, having the connections and be able to convey to a buyer the wisdom to pull the trigger on a moments thought. If someone thinks this is a "buying group" or some organized affair, I can assure that it is very much just me shooting from the hip. I really wish it was more organized. I would love to make my living selling Caterhams. Wow....what a job!!!!!


being associated w/ Caterhams for 20 years, one has to realize that good cars do not become available all that often.... and when one does, you have to act 'now' as t will be sold quickly! w/ the ever-tightening state regulations, properly-titled Caterhams change hands fast. My dealings w/ Tony Vaccaro have been been nothing but first-rate. He has a sturdy reputation; built on several positive dealings over the years. One can alway count on Tony to shoot straight on any Lotus or Caterham issue!

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