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Hello Utah 7 owners... And everyone else of course!


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I just wanted to say hi as a new 7 (SuperStalker)owner. I haven't really seen any others in the area(SLC, UT and north). Wondering if there's anyone out there? And if you race!?


If anyone is around and knows a good roll cage guy, I'm looking to get some work done so I can take my car out to Miller.


I already have a main hoop but need rear supports at a minimum. Maybe a front half sometime as well.





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Hey there! There are a few 7 owners in Utah, but not many.


I think there are about 6 in the state.


My Birkin:



Lee's Birkin:



Lee has a friend with a yellow Caterham. There was one on KSL for sale a while back that looked pretty nice. There's a collector/museum that has one, and I heard from a drag-racing friend that one showed up at the drag strip over the summer.


And so nice to meet you... the day that I put the tarp over the car. Will there be nice driving weather after this big storm? Who knows!

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I took mine out to the strip for the last Midnight Drag event... That might have been me. Another guy there approached and described a Locost he had built with a toyota motor and a big turbo. Sounded like a cool car.


I ended up breaking my trailing arm bracket bolts on the first launch so I didn't even get a run in.... Good oppurtunity to upgrade. I hope to have all the upgrades(to the newest brunton frame spec possible) done this month. Along with rear supports for the roll bar.


I may do the front support bar that Brunton does. I also like the idea of a removable front cage that many other stalker owners have.


I love the marron birkin paint job. Very pretty. The red is also nice. Two of my favorite colors. Although mine is blue, funny how that works. I guess its an easy car to repaint though.


Currently my car is having an identity crisis. It think it's an Atom with all the body panels off so I can do the upgrades.


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Well, My stalker is back together and street legal, many upgrades complete. My favorite, a new roll cage from Brunton Auto that is tall enough for road racing. I went with the T-top style for the front half because I still plan on using regularly on the street.


Automoda, I saw your beautiful birkin in draper the other day when I was having lunch. I didn't want to run in the restaraunt sounding crazy looking for you or anything buy your car is sweet!


I'm going to try to get mine out for a Midnight drag again just to make sure I do that once this year. I'm also shooting for one of the Miller Motorsports Park Wide Open Wednesday night racing...


Anyone else up for either?

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Hey there. Yeah I can NOT believe how many other 7 owners I have met by parking at my favorite Chinese buffet there in Draper. Feel free to run into the restaurant looking crazy. I'd be the guy with goggles and a dash cam sitting on the table hehe.


I'm not ready to race it yet. I need to fix a few issues and get over my fear of looking like and idiot out there. Lee will sometimes do that thing at Miller. I'd like to go along one of these days to look around and get a feel for it.

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I'm from Alpine,Wy and raced Street Prepared class in Scca Autocross in Utah for years in my modified 04 C5 Corvette.

Scott is building two special purpose MSpec Stalkers for SCCA Emod class in Autocross, one for me and one for himself.

They will both have LS3 engines with between 450 to 480hp. The frames will be tubed in order to fit full 14" wide rims on the rear and still keep the cars at 66" wide.

Will be able to use 335x17" tires on the rear for the street.

The cars are to be done no later than may 1st.


will send some pics of the built as soon as i get some.

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Well at this point, we are thinking about loading up a lot of junk and rolling over to the St Anthony Sand Dunes. Its just west of Yellowstone. Anyone interested in that? By the way, I am amazed to see a website offering free history reports to everyone. Just visit http://vehhistory.com and get your car’s reports for free.

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I usually camp at the Walden Colorado sand dunes for Memorial weekend, but I am thinking about doing something else. Is anyone else interested in some wheeling and camping during late May? I would be interested in anything in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, etc surrounding states. What is going on?

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