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2008 Westfield Megabusa (for sale)

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See my newest post for revised pricing!


After much internal debate I have decided to sell the Westfield Megabusa I built myself and made street legal on May 21, 2009. I bought the engine with 8,054 miles (as shown in my Youtube 1st cranking video -

). There are now a mere 11,858 miles on this four-wheeled hellcat from Planet Kickass. That averages out to roughly 1,400 miles per year!


This car will damn near generate chest hair and a 5 o'clock shadow for anyone that drives it. If you don't like attention from almost every single person driving on the road around you then it's not for you. It's not a car you jump in and go to Sam's Club and get groceries for a family of four. If you are looking for a car that only gets washed when you get your oil changed then do us all a favor and stop reading now. Seriously. Pick another car like a Miata.


There aren't any fancy gadgets like a navigation system or a MP3 player. You can forget amenities like power door locks, power steering, or power windows. Damn, no cup holders?! No, this sexy beast comes with the things us testosterone-fueled adrenaline junkies need. It has a 175 HP motorcycle engine to evade anyone but Chuck Norris. It has special urine/feces resistant fiberglass seats and interior aluminum paneling that clean up easily after those scary rides you give your friends around the block. It even has a first-aid kit under the passenger seat. You know what the first aid kit has in it? A pint of whiskey, a stitch-your-own-wound kit and a hunk of leather to bite down on when you are operating on yourself. Hell, just look at the size of that sunroof! This car is guaranteed to get you laid or your money back.


With minor modifications like tuning the ECU and adding a turbocharger this beauty can easily pump up the horsepower level to 300 with less than 1060 lbs of total weight in predatory trim. That gets you a better power to weight ratio than a Bugatti Veyron!


I am a Mechanical Engineer and I built a Formula SAE car for my senior project in college at LSU. The attention to detail that I have in this car is almost second to none. Everything on the Hayabusa dash is functional. Yes I said everything. The options list will make you salivate so much you'll have to stop at least twice to wipe your mouth. It has always slept in a proper garage when not on the prowl during a weekend blat or while teasing others at a car show. The best gas mileage I have attained is 22mpg. Anything more and I'd have to pull my man card for driving like a sissy.


Now, go look in the mirror and tell me what you see. If it is a rugged, no holds barred, super brute he-man macho James Bond stunt double that can fit in a pair of 36 waist Levi jeans or less, then contact me. All the butter in the world won't make anyone bigger than that fit in this car. It is a street legal race car that will keep a smile on your face after driving it until you go to sleep. Hell, you might sleep with a smile.



http://hanksmegabusa.com/images/032710/01tn.jpg http://hanksmegabusa.com/images/032710/08tn.jpg http://hanksmegabusa.com/images/032710/06tn.jpg http://hanksmegabusa.com/images/013011/05tn.jpg


Want more pictures & information? Visit http://www.hanksmegabusa.com

Here is a breakdown of costs:

$36,375 - Westfield kit with these options. Don't forget to stop and wipe the drool! (four 13x7" wheels, four 15x7" wheels, nylon bushings, f/r swaybars, wide track front suspension, AP racing 4 piston calipers & vented front discs, nitron shocks & coilovers, quick release steering wheel, Quaife limited slip differential, detachable rear fenders, FIA approved roll cage, dry sump tank reservoir, long rang fuel tank, hood lock kit)


$4,000 - Hayabusa engine, ECU and gauge cluster


$1,300 - SBD Motorsports dry sump kit (electric water pump, high volume oil sprocket, clutch slave cylinder)


$2,500 - Flatshifter Pro + Max systems with paddle shift option (currently running a manual shifter with the flatshift up/down electronic options - can be swapped back easily)


$1,350 - Carbon Mods carbon fiber pieces


$3,600 - 7x14' tandem axle trailer (vee nose, ramp door, drop axles, LED lights, spare tire, floor mounted D-rings)


$500 - 13" slicks


$500 - removed reverse box and installed 2-piece driveshaft with carrier bearing (Bailey-Morris UK)


$300 - pair of G-Force 6 point harnesses + arm restraints


$125 - Speedohealer

$130 - Gear Indicator Pro w/ATRE

$150 - Ecliptech shift light

$200 - Yoshi muffler

$150 - Jet Hot Coating (header)


$51,180 total spent to date


This has to be the highest (or one of the highest) spec'd Megabusas in the country. I was thinking of an asking price of $40,000 with the trailer included or $38,000 without the trailer. I can provide pics of the trailer if needed. It's plain white tandem axle box trailer and it fits the car very well. Doesn't look like it has a race car in it. The only thing not shown is the addition of carbon fiber racing front fenders. I will take a few pictures and update the website as soon as the weather in Louisiana clears up.


Please click the attached file for the full Specifications on this car. Seriously, it took me like 20 hours in Photoshop to type all that crap!


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Who says engineers can't write:). (I love the unique $ back guarantee. Just think of how many more Miatas wld be on the road if Mazda had thot of that one!).


Sure wish this had been 4sale 5 months ago(:.


You have $52K invested, any estimate of hours of your time spent constructing, fine tuning, debugging?

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Very sweet! Likey very muchy!


The Westfield chassis is pretty much best in class too having raced one for 5 seasons. I could stick my neck out and say better than the Caterham! (but I won't)

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This is a smokin hot deal. As a veteran Caterham and Birkin owner, I am occasionally asked, off-line, by potential buyers what I think abt various cars that pop up in our for sale section. I have to say, this car, at this price, with a trailer, is at the top of the list.



Hank, I have never sat in or driven a Westfield. Up to what size driver is it comfortable for? Do the seats slide, are the pedals adjustable? I take it that it has reverse, or no?


Mike M.

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I'm at work at the moment but I think a 6'4" driver with helmet could clear the cage. As stated above no waist bigger than 36". The seats are on adjustable rails. Pedals are not adjustable. No reverse.

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