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2008 Westfield Megabusa (for sale)

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So this car is now officially up for sale. As many of you know, I blew the motor due to insufficient oiling - likely dry sump got some air into it and kaboom!


Now the car has been fixed and done to a very high spec by Richard Cottrill at http://www.rilltechracing.com. He works exclusively on bike engined cars and in 2011 3 of his customers' cars were on the podium at the SCCA runoffs at Road America, and one of his motors powers a DSR that holds the overall fastest lap time at HPR in Colorado.


I spent over $12K to get the car sorted - not only was the original engine is somewhat bad shape, the original transmission was pretty poor and many settings were way off.


The car has been gone through with a fine tooth comb - the motor was given a light rebuild with some head work (was 146 hp/96 tq wheels before explosion, now 175/105 ish). Tranny work done with undercut gears 1st/2nd, and now super strong.


Flatshifter works perfectly now - bump shift, no paddles as paddle solution with actuator is not a good one for this car.


New wet sump baffled pan used by the CSR/DSR/F1000 racers - excellent oil pressure under all conditions now.


Engine blanket added, fire system on engine and driver added, and extra large low oil pressure light added in dash directly in front of driver (just in case!).


I have all invoices and can supply pics as needed - also put some gold foil between the header and the body for heat protection on the gel coat.


Will also sell the trailer too - will all of the work done will be asking $35K for the car and $3k for the trailer. Car not even broken in yet after the work done - you will literally be getting one of the best Megabusas in the country and it is really now ready to go racing, and do it reliably.


Will be happy to deliver within 1000 miles for actual costs.


Let me know if anyone has any interest.


Best regards,


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Just wanted to clarify - a used engine that came off a low mileage, well maintained (not crashed, salvage, etc) Megabusa was what was lightly rebuilt for this Megabusa. The old motor was of course trash, and new oil cooler, lines, etc were added due to not being able to validate metal particles not in original oiling system.




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