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Stalker #85 headed back to Arkansas

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Well, it's old news now, but I've purchased my old car back from Mike Sharkey, who originally bought the car from me with it being about 80% complete at the time of purchase. Mike did a great job of finishing the car and it should be back in hand by Tuesday, August 7. The photos below are recent shots taken by Mike that he sent to me. The car will be arriving with 15" wheels/tires. A set of 17" wheels/tires (see pic below) will be arriving with the car as Mike had plans of installing these at a later date. I have ideas for sourcing fenders, but will graciously and humbly entertain yours ideas as well.


Here's a link to my original build site:







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The new fenders are a nice addition. It makes the car pop.


It seems a bit odd that the back of the rear fenders are below the bottom of the car. Is this normal? Have I missed this for all these years?

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Dean G.,


No, you haven't been missing anything. These fenders (originally designed for the WCM Ultralite) are flush at the bottom of my car (forward of the tire) and truly do hang down below the rear quarter; larger, longer fender. All things considered, this was the best fitment I could come up with that served the purposes of both form and function. I’ll post a few more pics (side view) which shows the flush portion forward of the tire along with the overhang in the rear. Future plans call for adding a rear difusser to 'tie' it all together.

a (54).jpg

a (55).jpg

a (56).jpg

a (58).jpg

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WCM fenders installed w/ Center Line 17" wheels: 4" backspacing both front and rear; 8x17 front; 9.5x17 rear. Tires are Nitto NT-01: 225/45-17 front; 255/40-17 rear.





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Yes. Mike gave me a very spirited ride. Car is fantastic. I was most impressed by the no drama acceleration. Car was mad.


I post some photos on the Brunton web gallery #156.


My car runs, now it's just a matter of finding time to get bodywork together.


Email me anytime. bonjo2 at gmail dot com

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#85 has been down for winter projects. Thought I'd share a couple of before/after photos betweeen July of 2012 and now. Most noticeable changes are wheels/tires, fenders and Brooklands. What isn't readily noticeable is the complete rewiring of the car (thanks for the challenge, Mike :ack:. Yes, I'm poking fun at you).

#85 2013 (1).jpg

compare 5.jpg

electrical 66.jpg

electrical 67.jpg

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