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For Sale: 1996 Caterham Lotus Super 7 Crossflow

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1996 Caterham Super 7,


Well sorted driver. Previous owner was a meticulous race engineer. He literally tracked down every noise and vibration and set this car up perfectly. Far and away one of the most exhilirating 4-wheel experiences out there. We've really enjoyed this Super 7 and while we're moving on to something different for now, we will look forward to owning another one of these motoring gems in the future. Watch the video at the end for a glimpse of what it's like to drive a Super 7.


1700cc Supersport Xflow

5spd T-9

DeDion LWB chassis

Honeycomb gas tank protection kit

Fresh air heater with on/off control

Motolita, black leather steering wheel

Tonneau cover

Black adjustable seats with head rests

Carbon fibre external rear view mirrors

3pt inertia safety belts

Wind wings

Extra visibility top

Thermostatic oil cooler kit

Heat shield kit, for pedal boxes and transmission tunnel

Competition exhaust system

This car has been driven and does have some stone chips, but nothing that takes away from it's overall presence or the impression you'll make going down the road. Rear tires have seen some spirited road use and are about 50%, but not in need of replacement yet.


Titled as 1967 Lotus

VIN: LOT215367

Mileage: 28,370


Asking Price: $25,000. All serious offers considered.


If you have any questions or would like to put in an offer, please call Zac at 212.229.2402 or 646.331.8224 or email zacm AT classiccarclub DOT com


More Pics Available Here:






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Sorry guys.. been a bit out of touch with the Hurricane. Mike is right, the car is in NYC at the Classic Car Club.


Unfortunately the day after I listed this, one of our members bottomed out, dropped the oil and ceased the motor. The bearings took 100% of the damage and it's easily rebuildable, but the damage is there none the less. I"m now asking $21k as is or $25k with a fresh motor.


Feel free to give me a ring at 212.229.2402 if you have any questions or would like to have a look.

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I think he is getting at you have a 1996 Caterham titled as a 1967 Lotus 7. Some states do insist that you title a car as it is and some states make you title it as the year and car it replicates - it depends on the state you have to deal with. For this car, which I know its prior history, the current NY title description matches its former state of title which in 1996 when first titled followed the year and car it replicated convention.


In this case it makes no difference as it is pretty easy to correct when you transfer title. Also, as it is titled right now it makes it easier to title in some states where they do not accept kit cars (unless fitted with air bags, original fuel tanks and emission equipment from donor car, crash tested bumpers, etc). With my battle scars from titling sevens in various states I would not be worrying a single bit about the current NY title description on this car.

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Can you post pictures of the damage. I am interested but do not want to drive to NY if I don't have to.


Think you are too late as it sold on Ebay this past weekend



it is unknown if the buyer actually knew the motor was toasted even though it was listed as such in the ebay listing :svengo:



Bill S.

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7veloce - do you know if the car is staying local or headed to far shores west?


I would think the car will stay in NY for while until Zac finishes with the engine. The only reason I know this because I was interested to buy the 1700 x-flow engine from him.

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