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1961 Series 2

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Welcome back Al! Aren't you our president for life:)?

Hard to believe you have a girl in grad school, your kids were munchkins back when I met them at Tail of the Dragon in '07. Weren't they into fencing then?

Ted Wentz is THE MAN when it comes to restoring, rebuilding these engines, he is a BDG guru.

Gotta love the wobblies.

Don't want to brag, but I have a 21 gallon tank (Fuel Cell) in my car. Only set me back $5K to refurbish:). And I think that was just parts....

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Will get some additional pix posted soon. Great to hear from some of the old guard.


Tom...I have a tank from Axminster. It's not custom as much as it is just the bigger size from the period. But hand-fabbed. My car has what I think this the original (now badly dented for some reason?) 5 gallon tank, which made planning road trips fun.


I had been delaying putting the tank in because I didn't want to cut or add to the frame. But an acquaintance had a great idea to make a sub-frame for the new tank that has a "plinth" of sorts that sits in the space where the old tank went.

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