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Brunton M-spec #007

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My mind was not on MANkinis when I commented... This has taken a very dark turn...


Not that there is anything wrong with that... If thats your deal



Since we are there... The question is... You can see my fire jacket... But not full race suit...



Spoiler: Club and track rules require full pants and closed toes shoes... Settle down!

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But subtle . . . . we are having soooo much fun at your expense! Besides, this is excellent therapy while I'm in limbo with my Storker. :jester:



On a more serious note...any track video?

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No track video yet.


I am not a huge fan of standard in car video as I really enjoy watching the chassis respond. My original idea was to mount a rod to place a go-pro over and behind the car to hopefully capture the track and car movement.


Now that "selfie sticks" have come into fashion... Kinda ruins my idea... Still may do it though.

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Very cool. Try skipping the burn out and launching in 3rd gear at 5-5500 rpm. Not sure of your gearing or tire dia, one shift to 4th should rock you to 132-141. You will still spin WOT above 90mph without a passenger.


The BFG drag radials were the only way for me to get into the 2 second club, and sometimes fluke you into sub 2... My current 315 tire setup are more suited for corners than straight line grip. I'll need to g-tech, but figure no better than 3s due to not being able to launch the boat anchors in 3rd.

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