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DCOE linkage departed

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DCOE 40 linkage went over a cliff in the mountains. Can anyone recommend a source/brand for my 1700 Kent linkage? Also I'm looking for help on the Webers since I've found several problems and wrong parts after digging in. The hardware parts don't jibe. Also what is recommended for 5,500 to 10,000 foot altitude where I drive. It has 32mm choke, F16 emulsion tuber 50F9 idle jets and 115 mains. It sputters and blackens up the plugs quickly. Any thoughts?


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Pierce manifolds and Weber Carbs Direct are good sources for Weber parts. I've purchased parts from both.





The Caterham linkage is simple and, I think, unique. It's not listed on their parts site, but an email to their parts department should answer whether it's available.


Working from memory, your spec's look the same as what's on my Crossflow. Previous owner was in Denver, and it came with the 115 mains. The only change I made was to go to 120 mains.


I'd start with checking that the carbs are in synch first.


I also read somewhere that 90% of carb problems are electrical. :)



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Thanks for the leads. I've been surprised by the lack of info from the Caterham dealer here in Denver. I'm anxious to get back on the road in the nice spring weather.


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