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K&N filter confusion

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As I was reassembling my DCOE's I found I have two different K&N bases. One has large holes that allow the trumpets to slide into the Weber, the other hllds the trumpets out. On the first, the trumpets clamps let the trumpets rattle while the latter cocks the clamp at a 30 degree angle. Which one is right and does it matter?

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Assuming that all your trumpets have a shoulder on them then the base with larger holes is the correct one. This will alow the base plate to be positioned and the trumpets slid into place, bottoming completely into the carb. The outside face of the trumpet shoulder should be flush with the outside face of the carb. The trumpets and base plate should be held in position with a "D" washer that fits around the radius of the trumpet and locks the trumpet and base plate down. The thickness of the base plate may not allow the washer to actually clamp the trumpet down but will keep the trumpet in place. Chances of the trumpet popping out are pretty slim even if the "D" washer was not used. You could if you want bend the "D" washers ears slightly to lock the trumpet down. The key is to have a could seal on the base plate to the carb face.


I would inlarge the other base plate to fit the slip in trumpets.


If the trumpets are the flange type then the smaller hole base plate is the correct one. I think this would be self explanatory.

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