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Odyssey battery problem cured

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I had a power glitch a few times and found the terminal, not the wirt loose. I contacted Odysseyand here is their reply : the PC925MJT battery which is a metal jacketed PC925 with Automotive posts. If you have this battery or one with SAE posts and the post(s) is loose then it may just be a matter of using a 5mm allen wrench on the bolt inside the 3/8 internally threaded hole in the center of the SAE automotive post to tighten it back down to make good contact between the base of the SAE adapter and the internally threaded 6mm terminal of the battery. if this is a factory installation it would have been installed using Loctite. If this is factory installed, you may want to back it out, clean it up with an alcohol swab and reinstall using Loctite 277 or 271. If you use Loctite, very little is required, just a drop of Loctite inside the top of the internally threaded 6mm opening of the battery terminal. Loctite between the surface of the battery terminal and the base of the SAE adapter is not good and will interfere with the transfer of energy so care should be taken if Loctite is used.

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