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Cam & lifter inspection on a 1700 Kent

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Since I hate to see you hanging, you get less than expert response until those who are more knowledgeable kick in.


I don't see how you can reasonably remove the cam without the engine being turned upside down. The tappets fit into the block from the cam side not the rocker side, so you would need to find a way to keep the tappets at full lift while removing the cam.


If you were stressing the engine I would guess that you may have bent a pushrod. It would be easy enough to pull the rocker cover, check the rocker/valve clearance for all of your valves and see if one of them has loosened up. If so, pull out that push rod and roll it on a flat surface and see if it's straight.


Since you didn't really specify how much louder it was let's hope that it is just valve clearance issues, 'cause it only gets worse from there.



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Check the valve clearance first. If you've got a bent pushrod or valve you'll have increased valve clearance on that valve. Investigate as much as you can to find the problem before pulling stuff apart.

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