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2012 Caterham R300 Roadsport

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I have a summer home not too far from where you are. It's in Murphy, NC or about 38 miles from the Tennessee border and just north of Georgia. Yes, there are a lot of great twisty roads around here to run the car. I ran the Chasing the Dragon SCCA run earlier this year for the first time. It's fun but it sure trashes up a car with the rocks and loose gravel, and if you're unlucky and run it into the mountain, probably more serious damage to both driver and car. We only had two wrecks during that weekend and neither one was serious in any way. And again, Heiki took top honors. I am getting closer to this times however but will never catch him, even if I had the same HP. He is just a better driver.


Try driving over to the Highlands in North Carolina from your location and take the back roads for a very fun day. Stop in at the Dillard House (Dillard Georgia on route 441) for the largest lunch you have ever seen. Take route 64 back from Franklin to Murphy, then 74 back to your location.

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Hi Dave, been away from the forum. Feel free to call me directly at 619 916-8969 if there is interest. The car right now is in my garage in Chattanooga Tennessee.


Thanks for getting back to me.


I decided to go with a Westfield Mega S2000 kit and have placed my deposit for it so I'm all set and my Seven needs are taken care of for now at least :)


All the best,




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