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Ebay/Craigslist/Hemmings/MarketPlace/etc. Ads - Lots of Sevens for sale


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Well it is Thursday morning here on a coral atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean. So Happy Thanksgiving!


As your present here is a round up of cars I have found (and none on this island unsurprisingly - I mean no cars at all! :cooldude: )



A McSorley Locost 7 project on Fleabay with 4 hours to run on auction:





A Locost with a GXSR1000 bike engine and miata goodness. $8500 with 17 hours to run on auction at Fleabay





A WCM Ultralite in brilliant red. Ad says $35k invested. $22000 and a single bid at Fleabay. California car registered as a 1966 Lotus - not sure if this means no SB100?





A fairly new Brunton Stalker in M spec mode. LS3 with 6 speed automatic. Really good photo of the IRS. Looks to have a lot of time with the detail during this build. A social owner as I can see it was out with other sevens in one photo - including Mario's car. Asking $38500






The Stalker XL ad from Brunton is running - asking $49000






The yellow Birkin with the scaffolding roll bar is back on Fleabay looking for opening bids at $25000





Custom Locost with a 351 Windsor V8 in Michigan. repeat visitor to this thread. Says it is near completion but also has license plates. Asking $8000





A Locost project for sale. Owner says "unfinished" which is positive spin when you look at the photos... Its a roller. Needs a few gallons of rust converter. Asking $1200





R1 Locost as listed elsewhere on USA7s for sale forum by the owner




May I take this opportunity to say Happy Thanksgiving, Turkeys! :D :seeya:



And now I am off to have my morning swim with the turtles and dolphins. Last night I had the chef give me some fishy goodies for the dolphins which is yet one more reason for having an in room hotel minibar! Dolphins are smart - in just 2 days they know which overwater hut to hang out at for free food and then happily play with this fat white thing shaped like a shark bait ball. :cool:


Edited to add - I have just discovered I have crabs! There are 3 of them playing hide and seek in the sun deck cushions which would have made lovely entertainment had I sat down without being careful.

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I am green with envy of your island location. What is the name of the atoll?


I am on Laamu. Its a cross between a lama and a moo.


You are a mad genius, steeling away to your tropical atoll.

Here is what you left us with:


I am not as stupid as you look! :rofl: Why stay and experience that mess when before 10am I have swum with dolphins and turtles, chased a black tip reef shark, admired an eagle ray, and demolished a bottle of champagne at breakfast. I am completely shitfaced and need a nap right about now. Off to find my lounger on the deck! Just need to make sure the crabs have not taken up hiding under the cushions again. :seeya:

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I want an SV in the worst way but need to try it on for size. I know all others are too small. I there anyone within 100 miles of Harrisburg, PA that is willing to have a 6-3 250# nice guy try one on? Thanks in advance for your help . . .

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You will fit. I shoehorned Blubarisax into my old yellow SV and he was 6'8 and a fair bit heavier! He had a roll bar height issue which was fixable and everything else worked. I am shorter but fairly chunky and fit easily.


Three options for trying an SV on:

- Yellowss7 (Tom) is about 100 miles from you with an SV just south of Philly. But it has Tillets which can be hit or miss for fitting. Tom is mostly friendly and does not bite much! :D

- My two cars (SV and CSR) are in southern NJ about 150 miles away from you but both have the regular S type seats which is probably more of a realistic try on for size. I live up in NYC but could arrange to meet you there. I think I will definitely be there for Jan 17 but could make it earlier.

- If you contact George Alderman, his son has a green/yellow SV in DE just near the I-95 bridge over the Delaware. Tom has his phone number.

- Boxologist is on Long Island but that will be a far drive for you.


I think there is another SV around eastern PA but he does not frequent the forum although Tom has his email I think.


I cannot recall any others within range for you.


They are still fairly rare beasts and do not come up for sale frequently.


I fit into Birkin's and Westfields so maybe worth trying those?

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I want an SV in the worst way but need to try it on for size. I know all others are too small. I there anyone within 100 miles of Harrisburg, PA that is willing to have a 6-3 250# nice guy try one on? Thanks in advance for your help . . .


Welcome to the forum,


I have driven Croc's CSR and his maroon SV and had no problems.


I'm 6'3 and down to 225 , size 11 shoe. Driving shoe's are key.


Hope it all works out for you. Now if I can only get my butt in his FIA mustang, all will be well in my world !!!!!!!!!



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ok so what is on sale this week? Well.....



I did not find a seven car on Ebay (full size, Scalectrix does not count) for sale but I did find the 1977 Lotus Esprit submarine from James Bond's The Spy Who Shagged Me. Asking $1 million dollars. I guarantee if you try to use it as a submarine you will drown thanks to the way Lucas electrics work...err....dont work under water. Probably the same issue above water too! :rofl:





However the find of the week for me was this 1968 Lotus....actually a circa early 2000s Westfield Seight in New York state. I think this is forum member Pinballking's car by virtue of his pre-lit Westfield being in the background.


For Sale:

1968 Lotus Super Seven

Registered as 1968

Loaded with many options, the best part of this wonderful car is in the engine bay,

Where it has a silky smooth Buick/Rover V-8

This 315 ci aluminum V-8 only adds 40 pounds over the stock 4 cylinder

Ford Crossflow engine

And offers considerable upgrade in Horsepower for the slight

Increase in overall weight

V-8 with a five speed manual transmission

Color is Atomic Blue

Black interior

Hard shell Atomic Blue tonneau for back

Full English Leather interior

Radio ect

Plus full weather gear, top and doors

Custom wheels round out this very low milage, limited edition Lotus

Great auto crosser, although not used for that . I have a auto cross specific car.

Great highway cruiser, and tat is what I mainly used it for

Under 3,000 miles from new

This car was imported to the US about 10 years ago

And was assembled by Real Steel in London England

They are the benchmark for English craftsmanship

And specialize in the Rover V-8

The car is right hand drive

Always stored indoors

Unique and provocative sports car that is considered a Super car at a fraction

Of their cost.

These are no longer available, and even when produced only 200 were made

Price is firm for quick sale at $24,000

I am selling due to illness

Please call with questions or to arrange an appointment to view

Call five 18 four 91 six 945


Says selling due to illness so I hope you get better soon Andy! :seeya:

link here:





Keeping on the theme of V8s in sevens a repeat visitor this week is this Locost in upper Michigan with a 351 Windsor. Price now $7499. Thats almost worth a punt for the parts value alone!





A bunch of Caterhams all at the same workshop/dealership in SF area - repeat visitors. In fact they have been here so much you have to wonder if they (or the seller) have something wrong.


1984 Caterham with crossflow. RHD $24500.



2001 Caterham with 2L Zetec. Red stripe on white and 500 miles. SB100 $38500



2013 Caterham CSR 260 in Caterham F1 colors. The color scheme needs a discount given that F1 team history! SB100 $79500 10 miles on the odo.




Another repeat visitor but seemingly unassociated with the above 3 CA cars is this 2003 Caterham Superlight R nicely loaded up with options. 210hp Zetec. SB100. Asking $48500




A WCM Ultralite in California - advertised in both San Francisco and Los Angeles area. It says it is a 1.9L mid engined layout...hmmm.....but what engine? Hopefully better eyes than mine this morning can identify it. Is this Joshesh's car? Owner looks to have a Porsche 914 in the garage so must have good taste in cars! Asking $28000.


WCM Ultralite # 1 of 85 hand made by Brian Anderson in Texas.


This is the very first one made in 2004 and the one that made all of the Auto Magazines.


Weight is 1054 lbs built on a Spaceframe with aluminum body.


A touch over 5011 miles.


Mid engine setup with a aluminum block DOHC 1.9 ltr engine with Frog heads and dual Webers producing 170 hp. This thing flys ! 5 speed transmission tied into LSD live axle and coilover gas shocks with Hypercoil springs all the way around. Willwood dual action four puck brakes and all suspension points are tied into hemispherical joints to keep the car perfectly aligned.


Registered and licensed in California as a 1965 Lotus.


Fairly priced at $28000.00


If this AD is online then this vehicle is still available







But sadly there are no Caterham SV's for sale for MG1500 unless he wants the CSR for sale in SF!

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