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Ebay/Craigslist/Hemmings/MarketPlace/etc. Ads - Lots of Sevens for sale

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Hi Dave. Really enjoyed the video! I have car number 13. I feel I can keep the car going ok except for crash damage. Dave Cope at Superformance has been able to supply some parts I need. I also have a list of interchangeable parts from the original owner. I also have some drawings of front suspension parts if anyone needs them.



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Hi Dave. Really enjoyed the video! I have car number 13. I feel I can keep the car going ok except for crash damage. Dave Cope at Superformance has been able to supply some parts I need. I also have a list of interchangeable parts from the original owner. I also have some drawings of front suspension parts if anyone needs them.




I contacted Dave Cope a couple of times. He was not able to help me.



You have a very special Zetec. You are up there with the exotic Cosworth Duratec rebuilds, like Croc's and Yellow SS's. Without a total rebuild, most stock, or near stock Zetecs, top out a bit before 7000 rpm's. My SVT Zetec hits the rev limiter at 6800. I listened to Shane's post of your car blasting around NJMP and it didn't sound like any Zetec I have ever heard either (It was much better). I'd love to see some dyno results.


Here is the information on my car. Much of it I received from the original owner.


Vehicle Description


This is the ULTIMATE Superformance S1 (Lotus 7 replica car). The Superformance S1 was produced until 2004. This car is number 50 of about 56 cars produced. The car came from the factory as a rolling unit with only the installation of the engine and transmission required to complete the car. This car was produced in 2003 and was built up by the original owner in Ohio. I purchased the car used in 2005. I use it mostly on the weekends to tour the country side and have also auto crossed the car and participated in a couple of track days at Summit Point and 3 track weekends with the USA7s at NJMP. It is loaded with many performance and appearance options. It is one of the coolest looking Superformance S1s built. It is also the highest horsepower, naturally aspirated, Superformance S1 that you will find. The car idles smooth as silk, is as streetable to drive as your daily driver, has incredible acceleration (4 Flat - 0-60!!), it pulls hard all the way to the 8500 RPM redline. This car was dyno tuned and puts out 150 HP at the wheels. This serious driver's car turns more heads than anything on the road. It's the best balance between "Show" and "Go"!

Wheels/Tires: 17" Chrome ASA KA-1 Wheels. Toyo Proxes T1-S Tires. 205/40ZR-17 Front, 225/40ZR-17 rear currently used for the road and the stock 15" Wheels with 205/50R15 Hankook Ventus z214 Tires for HPDE driving.

Interior: Carbon Fiber Dash, White Faced Gauges, Removable Streering Wheel, Lotus Logo Shifter Nob.

Engine: Built by Performance Engineering, Ross, OH.

Ford ZX3 DOHC (Focus) Block and Crank.

Eagle H-Beam Connecting Rods.

Forged JE Pistons, 10.5:1.

Ford Racing Performance Head, Ported/polished, w/ 1mm oversized SS Valves.

Piper Cams - Road/Rally Cams 3000-8500 RPM Band.

Performance Headers, Ceramic Coated.

Webcon Multiple throttle Body Injection System.

Pectal T2 ECU - Fully Programable 3D system w/ Software - designed for the Zetec Engine.

MAP Sensor controlled for better drivibility and tuning.

Airbox - Cold Air Induction System.

McLeod Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel.

Centerforce Heavy Duty Clutch

Transmission: Quaife Clubman - Semi-Helical Cut Gears. Rally Gear Set

1st - 2.40:1, 2nd - 1.54:1, 3rd - 1.21:1, 4th - 1.00:1, 5th - 0.87:1 (OD), Rear End Final Ratio - 3.90:1


Follow this link http://www.usa7s.net/vb/album.php?albumid=29&attachmentid=8155 to pictures of the car when I bought it from the Superformance Dealer in Cincinnati on consignment. It had just over 4K miles on it.




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The original owner of my S1 is deceased so I cannot ask him questions. He was a somewhat well know sports car racer from the 50s and 60s. He kept a log of repairs and modifications he did to the S1 that I got with the car. The man I bought it from knew nothing about it so I have to figure out what has been done to it and why. I am 71 years old so it will just be a street cruiser for me. I have no idea how much power the engine has, but it is enough to give me a thrill. The only problem I have at the moment is the brake lights only work with had pedal pressure. The hydraulic switch is totally hidden under the fuel tank. I think I will just make a bracket and mount a old fashion brake light switch at the master cylinders and rewire the brake lights.

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Speaking of windshields of the S-1...Does evebody else see those little heating wires imbedded in the windshield or is it just me?






Long ago, when Dennis O. and I were reviewing the car at I believe the 3rd or 4th annual Double Venom Spring Fling in Ohio, he mentioned the heated windscreen as being standard equipment. Boy did we flog that black demo around the parking lot all weekend :D .



Bill S.

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I have a pretty good list of parts that will interchange for the S1. A windshield would be a disaster though. Maybe a piece of Lexan?


Westfields still in production have heated windshields, and may fit with minor mods.

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If i look closely (and focus on the windshield) i can faintly see the wires. Otherwise you don't even know they're there.

I have never had an issue with the wires distorting or reflecting light. It is the best windshield defroster I've had on any car, and wish regular cars came with the same system.

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I hope that wasn't chassi #55.




This was one of the first cars in the country, so I think yours is safe :D


Of course if yours is also black and silver, and they were not built sequentially:leaving::jester:

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1972 Lotus 7 S4 in Washington. Repeat listing. 18 hours to go and bidding at $14699




1984 Caterham Seven. Looks really nice in the photos. Snowflake wheels. 5000 miles since 1984? Possibly not since they look like VDO gauges and I know how reliable those are not but I don't think it changes the price this will sell at. Photos show an owner with excellent taste in classic cars.

Selling my Caterham / Lotus Super 7. It was built in 1984 and is registered as a 1963 Lotus 7. This is as close to a series 3 Lotus Super 7 as you will find. Ford Kent 1600 , twin DCOE Webers, escort sport 4 speed box, solid rear axle, rear drums, short cockpit, bench seat.......very basic just like the Lotus. I bought this car from the original owner and it's just turned 5000 miles. I put the last thousand on. The car needs nothing. leaks nothing and is like a new old car. It has extensive paperwork from new, even all the shipping and purchase correspondences from Caterham. Includes a top, half and full tonneaus , side curtains, and wind wings. Tool kit too. I recently installed 4 Michelin XVS/FF's which are a great tire and handle great, but a tad tall. I will include 4 brand new Khumo tires in the correct size. The car is fantastic to drive , not too powerful for the street like many modern Caterhams, this car can be enjoyed a legal speeds, yet is certainly quick. And being nearly like a new car there really isn't much to do but drive it. Everything work and it starts on a button. only selling due to a change in marital status, so it will be sad to see it go.

I don't think he will be sad to see the wife go at all.

Bidding at $7600 with 6 days to run.



Poor guy - he is also selling off the rest of his collection for the divorce. Why couldn't she be happy with the vacuum cleaner and the pots and pans as a fair exchange?






Locost seven autocross car. Hayabusa engine. No title or street registration. Buy it now of $8125 Day and a half to run.




Advertised as a Super Seven R500. Its really a Locost. Suzuki GSXR 1000cc engine. A very good looking build. It was built by Bob Fine according to the ad and I have heard of his builds before in the Locost community so there is some 'pedigree.' Not sure it was a good idea to take photos for the Ebay ad in a garage full of hearses?




Bidding at $12000 with 15 hours to run.





The Robin Hood is back. Bidding at $14k with 19 hours to run





Repeat...again....this time at $25695





Anyone in Honolulu wanting to sell? Here is a buyer looking!




I could not find the Craigslist ad but I know the Westfield in KS is still for sale out there.



Nice looking Stalker in East TX at $23000




New Dax Rush kit $2100




Hemmings ads







Classic Cars.com



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