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The Regular Summary of Classified Ads of Se7ens Found For Sale


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  • 2 weeks later...

This car is basically in my backyard, but I'm not 7-savvy enough to know if a) this is a good car or rolling trouble, b) $25k is reasonable.


Coming from 7 years of driving an Elise daily, during which I took it apart more than once, I'm ready to put plenty of elbow grease into maintaining it, but I do want to be able to drive more than a few miles between teardowns :)




But wait there is more!


Caterham $25000


Caterham Super Seven-Titled as 1967 Lotus 7

Registered in California, clean title. SB100 car

Built by Lotus Racing West-9330 Oso Avenue, Chatworth, Ca 91311 show contact info


127 Dyno Horsepower when built

Everything new or rebuilt in 1997-1998

Engine: 1700 Ford Cross Flow

Bore: 83mm

Piston: Forged Pistons

Head: Ported Formula Ford

Cam: Ford rally

Carburation: Dual side draft Webber DCOE 38

Ignition: Crankfire

Exhaust: Custom stainless steel exhaust

Oil pump: Accu-Sump

Shocks: SPAX adjustable spring perch shocks

Suspension: Dual A-arm front and five link rear

Wheel: Five (5) 13 inch PANASPORT

Tires: Yokohama

Gearbox: Ford "Single rail" 4 speed semi-close with 3.0 first gear

Internal slave: Saab 900

Rear end: Cortina non-GT 3.90 ring and pinion

Front end spindle and brake: Lotus Elan

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That listing is expired, are you sure the car is still available?


I watch the market pretty closely, I'd posit that at this moment in June of 2014 $25k is on the high side (but not unreasonable) for an x-flow powered car. It would have to be very clean, sorted, and otherwise well equipped for me to think it was worth that however. Hard to tell now that the listing is gone but it is implied by the text there it is an older chassis and there is no indication of mileage...

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I agree with the high-side estimate.


Also impossible to know how reliable any given Caterham will be. I would favor those that have been used regularly over cars that have sat for years ("Low mileage!"). Seeing and driving the car will tell you a lot. And if you can test a couple, then you have a point of reference for what to look for, how they shd drive, etc.


Typically, a Caterham is pretty reliable, once fully sorted. I have zero mechanical skill and was always able to trouble shoot/fix whatever came up on a trip.


Pluses in the X-flow models are 5 sp, Dedeion, long cockpit, FIA roll-over bar, non-bench seats, full paint. The Craigslist car seemed to have some nice engine work wh/is always a plus as well.

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No affiliation with this but this could be a good example of how not to sell a car - no sexy photos in your ad to entice in buyers? Not sure if the owner is on here as an alternative?




Text here:

Lotus 7 replica $10,000 OBO (Olathe)

2013 lotus seven replica title : clean


I am selling my Lotus 7 (Caterham super 7) replica.

Frame was built by a fab shop in Texas.

Powered by a 347 ford v8 (5.0 liter with stroker kit)

ford t5 transmission

Mustang II front spindles and brakes.

thunderbird IRS

on American Muscle cobra R's look-a-likes 17's with hankook s4 tires 255/40/17's

Kirkey race seats with 5 point harness

Autometer gauges

9 gallon fuel cell

Built with all the same parts you would build a Factory Five Cobra

(Mustang Doner car used)

Many extras encluded...

Open Car Trailer with winch available also for $1500 if purchased with car

Street legal. Clean Kansas title. Less than 200 total miles on build.

Used for a few carshows and a few SCCA autocrosses.

extremely fast and fun

asking $10,000

Under 200 miles on the car.


if interested call or text Ritchie @ (913) three 78-seven664

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Lots of interesting cars for sale this morning - no affiliation with any of them but reposting for the benefit of those looking or just avoiding the wife :toetap05: this morning with your morning cup of joe.....





Car is in Arizona but advertised in Hartford CT Craigslist I guess because it is a deceased estate.


For Sale - 1958 Lotus 7 open wheel racer



Model: Lotus 7 Series 1

R or L Hand Drive: Right

Chassis No: None

Reg. No: None

Frame No: L5641763

Years Owned by you: 15+

Last Owner: Deceased




Engine Type: Austin

Engine Capacity: ? 1200 Head

Engine No: 9C-U-H 42454

Carb(s) Type: SU

Carb. No(s): 2

G/Box Type: Austin 1275

Axle Type: Lotus IRS A26 R004

Axle Ratio: Not Known

Body Colour: Aluminium -- Not Painted

Wheels Type: Wire Knock-Off Spoke 13" Front 15" Rear

Wings Type: None



Engine Type: Same as above

Engine Capacity:

Engine No:

Carb(s) Type:

Carb. No(s):

G/Box Type:

Axle Type:

Axle Ratio:

Body Colour:

Wheels Type:

Wings Type:






Here is my partially completed "Locost" project. It has a 1989 Nissan 300zx Turbo engine mounted to a 1990 Nissan 300zxTT Transmission. The rear end is a 1997 Chevrolet Camaro SS (3.42 ratio).


The chassis is a Mcsorley +442 chassis (4" longer 2" wider and 2" taller than a original Lotus 7). I have taken the design 1 step further and increased the tube diameter from 1" square tubing to 1-1/4" for added strength as the engine is MUCH bigger and MUCH more powerful than the original specification. All done in CAD for accuracy and fitment.


I have a TON of parts for the project most of the "expensive" parts i think are bought and included in the sale.


Corbeau A4 seats (drivers is on a sider)

Willwood pedal set with adj brake bias

Autometer gauges + tach and boost

qa1 shocks and springs

Koyo radiator

Spal Fan

Miata steering rack

Magna flow muffler

Turbo flange for exhaust

Intercooler(s) DSM and Thunderbird

DXD new clutch

Custom wheel spacers to make modern rims with on the S10 spindle for best suspension geometry.

Nissan 300zx trans and fuel pump


I have over $6,000 in cost not including my time. Use my start to get yourself up and going quickly with a custom project car.





Looking for an inexpensive Supercar killer? A car that is fun, sounds great and turns heads?


This car based on an improved design of the Lotus 7, with american parts, a

reliable high powered engine and a stronger frame.

Mfr: Brunton Automotive

Model: Super Stalker, 3800SC V-6 Supercharged motor

Year built: 2005

Lotus 7 model year: 1959

0 to 60: 3 seconds

Color: British Racing Green.



If you are not familiar with the Brunton, their cars are very fast, reliable and the most fun on wheels. These cars have exceptional handling and power. These cars are faster and handle better than most other high priced cars. The engine has 7000 miles on it, 4400 mi on rest of car. My price is below the cost of parts. For more information check out Bruntonauto.com. I have complete documentation on the car.



Motor: GM L32 3800SC V-6 Supercharged motor

Motor output: Brunton tune produces 260 hp at the rear wheels. Comparable to 300 hp at the crankshaft.

Power to weight: 0.2 or 5 lbs per hp.

Transmission: 5 speed GM

Differential: Detroit TrueTrac limited slip gear type differential. Rear end ratio is a 3.42

American Racing rims and Toyo Proxes4 205/50/R15 tires

Front disk brakes and rear drums

Remote Oil Filter

Exhaust is a 5"x18" muffler with Jegs Auger on each side. This produces a great sound

Roll Bar welded to frame with forward support

Removable Halo Roll Cage (4bolts) with zip out vinyl top

Tanneau cockpit cover

Removable steering wheel

5 point harnesses

Weight: 1500 lbs


This car could be yours!!

Contact Robin at above

No trades. Payment by bank draft or wire transfer, or through Ebay.




I think this is MrMustang's car.



2001 Birkin Lotus 7 replica

Finished in 2008 (titled as a 2008 ASVE in PA)

Less than 3,000 original miles

Combination of Sunburst yellow and polished aluminum panels

2 Liter Zetec engine

Water Rail

Ekectric Water Pump

Stock Ford fuel injection set up for ease of care

5spd T-9 Transmission

Howe Engineering hydraulic clutch

Sachs super heavy duty clutch disk

Ford Starter

Stainless Exhaust with aluminum heater shield over muffler

Birkin/VDO Gauges

Updated Birkin Seats

Carpet Set with sound/heat deadened material underneath

Wind Deflectors


Heated Windshield

Removable steering wheel

Windshield Wipers


High/Low beam headlights

Turn Signals with reminder buzzer

Full Tonneau cover

Full side curtains and soft top

New Konig Rewind wheels

Correct Lotus badging on nose and tail

Both 3 and 4 point harnesses and belts included


Only bad is the clutch slips a little in 2nd and 3rd gears under hard acceleration. It was suggested to me today that the clutch issue might be as simple as a bleeding of the hydraulics, I cannot confirm this as again I am not a mechanic. I do have a box of additional upgrade parts for the car. Included is another clutch set up, oil cooler, 4 point belts for the passenger seat as well as the original 3 point self retracting belts for the drivers side and a host of other small bits and pieces. I have attached another picture above to show some of the extra parts included.


Stuck in a corporate rental apartment, losing my indoor storage in SC where we are currently located. Car is ultra aggressively priced to sell for this reason and this reason only.



This is really a project...



Well I started this build and lost interest. It is the start to a lotus 7. It uses Miata suspension and I decided to go with a ka24de out of a 240sx for my motor and transmission. I have custom motor and tranny mounts already built for this motor and transmission. You can find everything you need to finish this build at http://www.locostusa.com , the car comes with a ka24de bare block block, 5spd transmission, Miata LSD rear end, Miata spindles and brakes, hiem joints to build the control arms, moog ball joints, Miata non power steering rack, extra tubing, absolutely everything I have for this build will be going with it! Any questions I would be more then happy to answer via text $750




Love the look and the color scheme on this car - really comes through in the advertisement.




Brunton Super Stalker

Built Spring 2011

Florida titled as 1962 Lotus 7


Pontiac 2006 L32 engine w/20K miles

GM Tremec T5

GM 3.42 Torsen rear end

270+ HP 290+Torque

Less than 1500 pounds


Excellent Autocross car-Easy to drive fast

New 1/2014 TOYO R1R tires


No junk parts used.


Well sorted and Reliable.


6000 total miles.


Jim 239 283 three zero eight four




I like the white treatment on the body and the Revolution wheels - suits the Series 4 shape. And its got a BDG! :cool dude: And holy tachometer Batman! And I am amazed SCCA would be ok with that roll bar! It is very much period correct but still!




Lotus Super 7 D Modified SCCA Street Legal Race Car w/BDG Cosworth Engine. It's a turn key SCCA vintage Lotus racer.


It's sad to part with my 1974 S4 (The final final Original Lotus 7) Car. It is a Spec D Modified Race Car with a Formula (Lotus) Ford BDG 16V (not A, G is more desirable) engine - tuned and setup for the street. The Engine is fully rebuilt with about a couple hundred miles on it and was rebuilt in the mid 90's, has the Firebottle system installed, Accu-pump Oil pressure system, Sump pump system, new battery, and a whole lot of other modifications - too many to list. I have most all of the receipts, restoration (body & engine) photos and also have many of the original and extra bits like the glass panels, top, side door panels, tire bracket in the rear, engine blanket, et al. Also, I'll throw in hoosier slicks (2 pairs) and wheels if the price is at asking. Currently the motor has a pair of Weber DCOE 45's and shifts really smooth.


Car runs really strong. The frame is strait and no accidents. The car is sprayed in the GM Corvette Perl White with a few minor flaws.


It's a lot of fun to drive around.


Clear Colorado Title. My car is located in Denver.


Asking: $35900 / ob serious offer


Ping me over email if there are any questions. Please be serious as my time is limited and no low ballers.

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For the divas on this forum... I suspect this is a little larger than a regular seven - like about as porky as a Stalker? And I have never thought of keyless entry as a sales feature on a seven before....lol




This is a one-of-a-kind 1999 Diva Roadster with 2,022 miles!


Ø VIN # EVA12D98170243046

Ø Purchased in 1999. Constructed and on the road in 2000.

Ø One owner.

Ø This is the first (and only that we know of) Diva that is powered by a Ford engine (the kit is made for Chevy engines).

Ø The remanufactured Ford 1968 289 with 1984 302 Ford CFI fuel injection & engine management system.

Ø Ford "Top Loader" 4 speed manual transmission

Ø Ford 8.8" rear axle assembly

Ø Corvette braking system

Ø Fully adjustable coil-over shocks on all 4 corners

Ø Nascar style front "A" frames and spindles

Ø 4 wheel disc brakes

Ø Dual exhaust

Ø Custom red paint with painted red and white flames

Ø White leather interior

Ø Bucket seats

Ø 6-disc CD Player

Ø Keyless code-entry starting system




Who wants a brand new Atom?



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Yes, the 4th is mine. Lot's of interesting offers for trades, but nobody with cash at the moment. Go figure.


Bill S.


PS: After seeing what the license for the road in SC, I believe (if I had the extra funds) I could get an "Atom" legally on the road in about a week :D

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So I am bored in the office looking at the nuclear explosion of paper on my desk and have happily distracted myself looking at cars! none of these have any affiliation to me - just reposting for the "shoppers" out there.


On Fleabay is a repeat appearance of this R500 at Lamborghini Palm Beach. Only a 1000 miles, some price negotiation and this makes more sense than a new Caterham as it has only 1000 miles, has more hp than a new 480, lots of good options and is cheaper. And if you are on the East Coast then it is cheaper to ship than the West Coast and you probably get better customer service since it is a Lamborghini dealership in ritzy Palm Beach.





Here is the ebay listing to the nice BRG and yellow stripe Birkin that Tom posted on this forum section in another thread. I think the Zetec is the slightly higher horsepower SVT version given it appears to have the VCT in the cam cover:





A Brunton Super Stalker still for sale on the mid-Atlantic region. it really should be joining the East Coast Sevens track event this weekend but alas the new owner will have to join us next year:





Nice color scheme on this Stalker - looks well done.




Locost Seven project that needs work




And a Westfield! These are rare - I have not seen one come up for sale for quite a long time. I think it deserves a name - Barney! $18000 is a good starting price for negotiation. No idea what a Ford Cosworth engine could be? BDR, Duratec, Pinto with hot up pieces?





An interesting rolling Locost (or similar) chassis for $5000




A complete running Locost for sale for $10k - keen pricing. Sadly no photos:




An original 1973 Lotus Seven in RHD. All original features and options. It still has the original wheels. There is even a twink under the bonnet (I think). Lovely looking car that is still a driver. $27k




Nice looking Caterham Crossflow on the West Coast from 1997 - $25k


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And a Westfield! These are rare - I have not seen one come up for sale for quite a long time. I think it deserves a name - Barney! $18000 is a good starting price for negotiation. No idea what a Ford Cosworth engine could be? BDR, Duratec, Pinto with hot up pieces?





I'll refrain from commenting on the color (but I want to, I reeeally want to). The engine is probably the Cosworth YB which uses the Pinto block topped with a Cosworth twin cam head. Westfield offered a turbo version in the early to mid 90's, called the Zei220, that I believe was essentially the engine from the Sierra Cosworth. The non-turbo version was pretty popular in the day, since it bolted in with factory pieces, and offered a lot of power potential thanks to the head design. The downside was weight.



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Thanks for clarifying John. The YB engine was what I was thinking of for the Pinto reference I made.


I am a little surprised we see so few Westfields for sale - they are really rare yet they have sold a decent number in the US?

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An original 1973 Lotus Seven in RHD. All original features and options. It still has the original wheels. There is even a twink under the bonnet (I think). Lovely looking car that is still a driver. $27k





Original? The ID plate has CATERHAM on it. Hmmm

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I looked at the 2000 Birkin(Tom's listing) up close and personal a few years ago. From what I remember, it was nicely sorted and the air intake box was a hand built aluminum unit.

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