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We are all members of this forum because we enjoy the community created by our shared passion of the Lotus Seven and its many derivatives. Key to this experience is sharing our questions, thoughts and opinions without fear of the pettiness that often accompanies interactions on a forum. That means we must be respectful of each other, no matter how strongly we may disagree with another forum member. The below guidelines are intended to aid in the understanding of what is, and is not, okay behavior.  However, no list can capture everything so please remember to treat others as you would want to be treated and you won’t often go wrong.

  1. Brand comparisons: We ALL have a weak spot for whatever we own / want. Please focus on the positives of whatever product is being discussed and stay away from statements like mine is better than brand X because (insert price, performance, weight, authenticity, etc...), PARTICULARLY if you are a manufacturer, distributor, or dealer. Good hearted jokes are one thing, but we all need to know when it's no longer good hearted, and back off.
  2. For sale section - Let's keep each post about the specific item for sale. If you don't like the price being asked or see something wrong with the listing, send a message to the seller rather than pointing it out in their ad thread.
    1. The KS Corollary: If the seller isn't asking for pricing feedback, don't post to their ad that you recently sold or bought an identical item for less than their asking price.
  3. For Sale ads may only be made by Paid Club Members. Posts made by Registered Users in an attempt to bypass this requirement will be deleted.
  4. Vendors: if you want to make the community aware of your business, please open a Support ticket with the request so we may evaluate your offer to ensure it is relevant and appropriate.
  5. No links to sites with inappropriate content or links - this just brings us trouble via search engines. And if you aren't sure if that site's content is inappropriate, well, it probably is.
  6. No posts of street racing - exception is news footage and the like.
  7. From time to time a Moderator or Administrator will step in and edit posts, etc... If you have a problem with that please message someone listed in the Staff section, but please don't start an editorial in the middle of the thread.
  8. Politics: from time to time we'll hit a hot button issue. For the most part we have been able to keep the posts on-topic and issue focused. As long as that continues, we can enjoy a civil discussion. When the name calling starts it lowers the enjoyment of the forum for all of us.
  9. And, of course, refrain from flaming other members, using inappropriate words, etc...
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