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  2. If the wheel was wacked enough to require replacement, it would be a good ides to check all the front end. Bent arms and cracked welds come to mind.
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  4. Thanks, I've read that, but I'm looking for specific details about the caterham.
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  6. This may help: https://www.semasan.com/resources/everything-you-need-register-and-title-your-hobby-car-all-50-states Best of luck, sir. edit -- PS - Please don't listen to people who offer advice on the dubya-dubya, as it can be difficult to tell if they know their schtuff or not, especially with many states having different processes and things changing as the years go by. Best to acquire first-hand knowledge through a reliable source such as your local motor vehicle department's web pages, SEMA, etc.
  7. Rebuilt ITBs are finally back Pretty much entirely rebuilt except face plate, venturi stacks and my IAC rail. New double springs throttle return, new FPR and all new components and actual manifold. Will hopefully tidy everything up next week and get to test it.
  8. Wow - such a brilliant response. I am in awe of your knowledge. Spent a couple of nights on Google and could find nothing on the Holbay 3000. I agree the advertisement is a little misleading. I called the seller who said he manages a collection for someone I cannot recall, an older guy in the area. Anyway I love the look of the car, IMHO just a beautiful patina and style. Perfect.
  9. Hi, Anyone know if a new 2021 Caterham 1.6 sigma engine (310 model) is able to pass emissions, specifically in Georgia? Or if they are lenient on providing alternate testing. Trying to figure this out before I commit to a new caterham. In georgia, a newly built caterham will be titled as the initial year registered, in this case it'll be 2021, and 2021 emissions requirements will be implemented on that vehicle. That means: 1. Passing visible inspection for catalytic converter. 2. Passing fuel cap pressurization. 3. Passing obd2 history of emissions (and I
  10. The Lotus 7 S2 in the Hemmings ad is essentially replicating a very special run of (thought to be) 13 Lotus 7 S3s in 1970 with a 1600cc Ford Crossflow engine with a special Holbay head and internals. It has been referred to as a 'Holbay S' engine. 120hp which was excellent for the period. The Kesgrave 3000 reference is just part of the standard engine build plate labelling of post-65 Holbay engines. You will see that cam cover engine build plate appearance on a lot of Holbay engines that went into Lotus cars. Correct original finish of the rocker cover would have been black crackle w
  11. Remarkably, no vibration whatsoever.
  12. several pairs of side curtains probably fit Caterham, but perhaps Birkin any help in identifying what these fit would be appreciated make an offer to gordonb(at)uark(dot)edu
  13. what is the price for the exhaust primaries? Is that everything before the muffler?
  14. Here are some pics when my suspension was set up, including corner weighting. The work was done at the world headquarters of Rocky Mountain Caterham by Nathan Down, former Caterham Engineer and still Formula Ford driver, builder and coach. As a point of reference for the weight, the car is a 2020 420R, with leather seats, windshield motor delete, no heater and track day roll bar Jim
  15. The newly listed 1961 Lotus 7 (Hemmings) is mysterious - the engine valve cover has a plaque on it that reads: “Lotus- Holbay, Kesgrave 3000 engine”. It looks like an old worked crossflow. Any idea what the engine is?
  16. correcting small typo: www.aerostraight.com
  17. I honestly don't think Caterham especially under new Japanese ownership would undertake building Elises. (Elisi?) Especially with the doom and gloom and challenges of IC motors phased out. Caterham to my recollection still makes very few of its actual components and is more a lifestyle brand and assembly factory. Elise would be a whole different ballgame and level of overhead. With that said it proved to be a successful model to keep making a popular item even after creator or corporate overlords have decided to move on. Somebody might accept that challenge. Another b
  18. https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a36364007/lotus-selling-elise-tooling/?fbclid=IwAR0XphI820TcGJLRPxzJJAafgO4w_vAvbdwx0LCMlbjfvobsOfe_LCBsqjk What say the Seven crowd?
  19. Week Beginning May 9, 2021 NEW Caterham - auction ends in 6 hours No Reserve: Caterham Super Seven for sale on BaT Auctions - ending May 9 (Lot #47,627) | Bring a Trailer Caterham No Reserve: Caterham Superlight 5-Speed w/Trailer for sale on BaT Auctions - ending May 15 (Lot #47,986) | Bring a Trailer Westfield 1983 Lotus Westfield for sale #2485207 - Hemmings Motor News Lotus 7 S2 1961 Lotus Super Seven for sale #2485054 - Hemmings Motor News Caterham Caterham 28
  20. Be careful for using Pegasus for this part. The photo shows a 5 inch tall Spa post. It actually arrives 2 inches high which is ok if thats what you want. I had to return it as it was the same low height I already had. Pegasus did not have the taller post available. Spa would not sell the part separately. Their website makes you buy the whole mirror kit. I ended up at aerostraight.com like @papak
  21. @wxywb021254 you are correct. The Simpson Hybrid works correctly without needing modification. I have one.
  22. Another option might be using simpson hybrid s instead. It is designed for even 3pt seat belt, so I would think it is fine with off center harness.
  23. Try aerostriaght.com. Give them a phone call rather than trying to find what you need. I found the owner very helpful.
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    Thanks Croc for the car cover advice! I'm still test fitting things that I already have in the pick-up truck toolbox . That canvas tarp is just in case of that golf ball sized hail that you hear about! Eggsy has four or five options for keeping the cockpit dryish and only light drizzles today I went with the medium sized cover. Trailered Eggsy to Sequim a hundred miles each way to visit the kids and take them for drives along the Dungeness river. Fun was had by all! Eggsy stayed dry and didn't slip one bit.
  25. I think anyone who knows what they’re doing should be able to download haltech software and update your tune... FWIW: I’ve used Alex at Granit State Dyno & Tune (Hudson NH) for several updates to my haltec ECU. He’s a good guy and seems to know his stuff and isn’t afraid of our bespoke cars.
  26. What grade & thickness steel plate did you use?
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