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  2. Thanks! looking into this and other stateside options.
  3. I’m still in aviation too, on a hobby basis. I’ve totally rebuilt a Stearman, in WWII Navy colors with a 670 Continental. Also rebuilt a J3 with an O-200 and put it on floats. I keep a WWII Piper L4 Observation plane at my ranch to run the fence lines and count deer and alligators. When I was in business I had a 560 Commander, boy those Garretts were loud! Too old to travel now, but I remember—- Cheers, Bill
  4. Hi, I'm new here , just about finished with my 7 , did all the work my self , started in late March of this year , so my back ground is European auto classic restoration , did hundreds of classics in my business but never did a car for my self , so I did . Bought the book low-cost , then modified it for my use , but kept the frame to book size I put a 3.4 GM V 6 , in it after I rebuilt it and and a T5 ,5 speed trans and a 3.08 S10 rear end . It's carbureted , no fuel injection . I did all my own work on rebuilding all the components , made my own seats , made the instrument cowling useing GPS speedometer Plus taco and the other 4 gauges , I used brookland wind screen instead of the full frame windscreen . It has a 18 gal gas tank I made . What I didn't like was the front steering and suspension , I used a new Mustang 2 front system , and steering much stronger and more rigid .
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  6. @NSXguy that's the answer to your question. Maybe it will help somebody else as well by bumping this.
  7. This is the brake master on my 84 cat. Got a rebuilt kit from the UK and just now realized it’s still leaking a little. Very much interested in replacement at this point…
  8. I never use the clutch other than to get it rolling in first. With the paddle shifters it’s so smooth even flat to the floor on the throttle. Same with downshifts. Just lift and it’s really smooth. I sent the gearbox to Sadev when I replaced the clutch a year or so ago. When I asked what gear oil they recommended they said. “ whatever you were using as there was almost no wear.
  9. I have the Caterham 6 speed on my yellow car and the Sadev with paddle shifter in the Orange one. With the dual plate clutch I don’t think there is anyway I could drive it on the street. It just likes to go fast. Shifting at mild or low throttle is brutal. But flat out with foot to the floor it’s like butter. The six speed is good on the street and track. You just have to heel/toe on the downshifts. The Sadev is just a slight lift and you can go down several gears effortlessly.
  10. Depends what you're into. If you're into commuting, any sequential will make it a difficult experience to enjoy. However if you're out for driving the 7 for all the fanfare and drama that it provides, the sequential action and the noise it provides helps make it a full theater type experience on all your senses and all the drama that comes with it. I never use the clutchless benefit, even on the track due to the fear of shortening its lifespan further.
  11. I haven't driven the sadev myself, but people I trust say it really only makes sense if you're a track rat. If you use the car only on the street, as I do, "they" say the standard transmission makes more sense.
  12. I truly love my old Quaife sequential and I dread the limited time span of these transmissions. I likely would switch to my backup 5 speed and not have the same experience from that point on.
  13. Yeah, makes we wish I spec'd a sadev box from new...
  14. My wife won't even ride in a Stalker except x1 for each one I have owned and that is only around the block
  15. Looks like most of a car! Leaves you to get creative with the motor/trans without guilt. 😉 Really, it looks like a bargain to me for what you're getting. What's there looks savable. If it were close to me I'd check it out.
  16. I've saw this car several times while it was under construction. It really is a cost no object vision of one person's dream 7.
  17. https://www.topspeed.com/cars/car-news/exo-cars-diy-supercar-slayer-or-enthusiast-pipe-dream-ar197048.html Ever looked at a NA Mazda Miata and thought, "how do I make this lighter?" Every car enthusiast at some point has wondered what driving a go-kart on the street is like. You might have also heard about a growing automotive niche subculture known as "Exo Cars". The concept is simple. Take donor car, remove the entire body and build a custom tube frame chassis on top. Throw away safety, aerodynamics, and basic livability for one thing: lightness. The idea is that light cars go fast. Yet, is it that simple? Is this the magic solution that enthusiasts on a budget can consider? Will your Exo-Miata be able to keep up with a 911 GT3 because it’s a couple hundred pounds lighter? There are a lot of compromises and risks one must take to make this a reality. The true first road-worthy example of an exo-car is the Caterham Seven, first produced in 1973. Developed from the 1950’s design of Lotus Seven, this kit car is still in production today. Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus, had a distinct philosophy for his vehicles: "Simplify. Then, add lightness." Caterham idealized Lotus’s mantra and perfected it. Those lucky enough to experience one of these cars will understand its appeal. It is about as close as you can get to the experience of riding a motorcycle while still being in a car. A direct evolution of the Caterham is the Ariel Atom. This limited-production go-kart for the street has become the standard for modern exo-car. Yet, its $80,000 starting price and six to 12-month build time make it unobtainable for most. So the question begs, what is an average enthusiast supposed to do if they want this experience? BUILT OR BOUGHT? The first question you have to ask yourself is what is the purpose of this car for you in the first place. Do you want the motorcycle experience without the associated danger? Do you plan to track it every weekend? You have too much time on your hands but still don’t have $50,000 lying around? All legitimate questions that need answering. The fact is, 99% of people who build or buy an Exo Car actually want to ride a motorcycle. Yet, certain folks aren’t willing to take the risk or gain the skills necessary for riding. So, a steel cage and seat belts quell certain demons but don’t solve everything. Anyway you look at it, there is going to have to be a compromise. It is a two-seat, open-wheel car with no storage or windows. Have you ever heard of rain? Yet, if your main concern is cost, a motorcycle is going to be the right answer almost every time. Yet, for those stubborn or scared, there are always alternatives. EXOCET OR REGRET Happen to have an NA Miata in the garage and it’s getting boring to drive? Willing to take away your already limited creature comforts for "performance?" Well, there is a solution. Welcome Exomotive Exocet. This company sells complete Exo chassis and body panels to convert your Miata into a go-kart. Chassis start from $7,999 and range up to $8,999 with full roll cages. With some powder coating and freight shipping, expect several thousand more in cost. With a four-month lead time and average build time of over 100 hours, patience and a free schedule won’t be optional. Not to mention, you’ll need special insurance and registration to even make the car legal to drive. As you can see costs can start to pile up. Will your local law enforcement also take notice of your go-kart on the street? No question. Exomotive advertises selling over 500 kits of the Exocet. This means less than 0.1-percent of available NA or NB Miata produced have seen conversion. Considering the work and time associated, we understand why. But, what about if you don’t have a Miata at all? DI-WHY? Let’s say you have your own project car that’s sitting and has been for years. You want to spice it up and cutting the roof off is the only thing that will make you happy. If you take it to any custom automotive fabrication shop, expect quotes in the tens of thousands. Do the work yourself? You’ll need to learn fabrication, welding, and design to start. That doesn’t even cover having the tools, space, and time to make it possible. Even for the savviest of garage warriors, a project like this is a multi-year adventure. Do you trust your welds in the case of an accident? Is it worth the effort and risk for you? No matter what you do, we’ll be the first to tell you that your exo-Miata will not be faster than a stock 911. It will not feel like a Shelby Cobra. Still want the visceral experience of motorcycle, but need seat belts? This Caterham Super Seven on Bring-a-Trailer has a current bid of $17,777 with 12,000 miles. Even if you paid $30,000 for the Caterham, we guarantee money well spent which will save you countless headaches. For more on the Exo Car craze, check out Quickshift Cars Youtube channel.
  18. Half a car posted here, hidden away in the auto part section of Seattle CL. Cheap, but a bit of a project ... Lotus 7 Series 4
  19. Rocky Mountains unit. Very nice looking car with a 620R cone A member here? Appears to be in WI Caterham 7 450HPR High Plains Edition
  20. Nevada owner Source: Chris Honda
  21. I think this is the best looking stalker I've ever seen. Beautiful! Does she drive it much?
  22. Getting closer to completion. I took the AXR over to a really cool hub dyno facility about 45 minutes from the house and was in the process of having the FiTech learn the proper maps (it is self learning) with some additional input from the dyno tuner guy. After doing a 5500 rpm pull, he was letting the car cool down a bit and when he went to re-engage the trans and do some more testing, the clutch failed to engage the drive train. The car had to go to Stalker cars and Scott Minehart quickly snatched the engine/transmission knowing pretty much what he was going to find because he has seen the condition before. The low mileage LS1 engine with a ghost cam and top end overhaul seems to be well built and is operating very nicely. The transmission is brand new so no significant surprises there except some installation discrepancies that are being addressed by Scott as well. The original assembler of the engine/clutch/ transmission did some things that were not to Scott's standards and he is in the process of mitigating and correcting the deficiencies. After to he cleans up the discrepancies, the car will be back to Omni Dyno and we will do the last of the fuel injection/ECU tuning. The tuner was working on the knock sensor settings at higher RPM's when we had the clutch disengagement failure and then it will be time to get the car on an autocross course. I have scoped out about 10 opportunities, weather permitting, to do events between now and the end of the year. My new Aluma 14" tilt trailer is absolutely perfect for transport of the car with the exception that it is not an enclosed trailer. To say that I am excited after all of this worry and work would be an understatement.
  23. Oops! That does explain a lot of why her Majesty has control of the vacation budget. Now if it were me I'd suggest Carl give his wife a vacation with a relative for the weekend but there is a reason I get along better with cars than women.... Hope everything goes smoothly Carl and the recovery process is quick and not painful.
  24. I carry silicone tape in my toolkit for road trips. You could wrap it tightly around the length of offending hose and stop enough of the leak to get yourself home.
  25. Croc

    AFR gauge

    @John B Thanks for clarifying. Purely precautionary gauge then and not part of a broader pattern driving concerns. Good to hear you sorted out what happened that day at NJMP - coil wire explains why it was not as sweet at the end of the day.
  26. Carl, hopefully your wife will be good as new after the surgery. Take good care of her. Twenty two years ago my kit arrived and I had to go rent a truck to pick the boxes up at customs. Apparently a box of stuff I ordered from Pegasus was delivered to the fro t door and my wife stepped on it when she went out the door breaking her ankle. I couldn’t be there to take her to the hospital. I am still in the doghouse. 😜 Steve, we will hopefully see you then. It wouldn’t be the same without you. 🤞. Tom
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