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  2. I honestly don't think a whole lot will change (or at least I hope so). One thing that I expect is that the distribution network that Tire Rack had and dealers will be changed a bit to Discount Tire stores or specific discounts will be applied if you use Discount Tire for obvious reasons.
  3. I'll second you. The price bullet was hard to swallow but its hard to put a price on safety (at least that's what I told myself). With only having 2 rear lights and them sitting very low on the car, I told myself I want them as bright as possible.
  4. I just installed the JAL LED upgrade for the rear lights on my 7 this weekend. I am astonished how much brighter they are, they are not cheap but IMHO a massive improvement and makes me feel safer in the land of giant SUV's and Semi's. I wished I'd taken a photo comparison to post as it is truly impressive how much more visible I will be. Bart.
  5. I hope this is not bad news, Tire Rack has always offered great service and an amazing range of tires, I hope it continues. https://www.tirebusiness.com/news/discount-tire-acquire-tire-rack Graham
  6. For a true vintage look, you can get a traditional center mirror as used on many early British cars, such as Sprites; and for the side mirror(s), a Jaguar mirror has a nice stem which raises the actual mirror portion to a usable height and it can be reversed to use on either side if you want. Both can be obtained from Moss Motors: center mirror Halcyon #770, side mirror xks.com #223-310.
  7. I have just purchased a set of Brooklands Aero Screens with behind the wiper mounting hoop for my '95 S3 Caterham. So now I am looking for a rear view and 2 side mirrors to fit. I know I have seen some recommendations somewhere but am not finding them right now. Mahalo!
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  9. I have 2 13x11 alum Real wheels that are 2 piece a removable center bolt section to change the lug bolt pattern. Currently 4x100 . 250 each.
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  12. I think I detect a big smile on the driver! Did you enjoy your couple of laps taster?
  13. All that time that could have been better spent driving!
  14. My son and I were at this year’s (2021) “Laps @ Lunch” during the U.S. Vintage Grand Prix. The folks from Superperformance were great hosts.
  15. Not only is the builder an amazing mechanical talent, he writes extremely well. Certainly better than the GRM staff, and that’s no criticism of them. I loved that, as I was wondering where he found the time for this incredible build, he casually dropped the fact that he was simultaneously training for a Triathlon!
  16. That Grass Roots Motorsports build thread is epic. Finally found the time to work through it. Lots of very interesting thinking and decisions during the build. He was able to do the build the way he wanted as his fabrication skills are light-years ahead of mine. It just goes to show what you can do when you throw the cost side of the cost/benefit equation out of the window. Definitely recommend people read through that thread. You will learn a lot.
  17. Hello All I am looking for a pair of 3 point seat belts for my 02 SV Roadsport, anybody have a set the want to sell? David
  18. I'm not sure about caterham. I replaced my Birkin windshield this fall after one too many rock chips & cracks. Just brought the windshield/frame to my local[good] glass shop and they custom cut a piece of laminated glass & reassembled. Good as new but without the defroster wires. IIRC: Another forum member did the same thing a few years ago after an errant rock on track shattered his windshield.
  19. As I recall from past Caterham windshield discussions, they use an odd size thickness safety glass. So the stuff commonly sold as replacement windshield glass doesn’t fit in the channel. Some have used tempered glass, which does fit, but can shatter, so not a good substitute.
  20. Many years ago I owned a Birkin and I needed new glass. The local glass shop was able to use my old glass as a pattern and they cut me a new one and installed it in the frame for a very reasonable price. They had the proper type and thickness of safety glass in stock. dave
  21. Hi all. I managed to crack my heated S3 Caterham windscreen glass when removing it from the frame (to paint black). It's still intact, so can be used as a template. I'd like to replace with un-heated glass and am thinking of having someone local cut a couple of these. Those of you who were able to get custom replacements in the US: were they able to match the thickness of the glass, so that the original rubber seal could be retained?
  22. John, When I first saw the build, I thought, wow, like some mechanical engineers I have known, they go way beyond thinking things through to the point of incredible minutia. I think there is some of that in this Stalker build but I don't think I have ever seen a more thought out Stalker than the one we are talking about. My fourth Stalker which was an XL was assembled by a former professional experimental aircraft builder and that Stalker was opined by Scott Minehart, the manufacturer of Stalker cars, to be one of the best builds he had ever seen. He advised that he could not have taken all of the extra time necessary to add the little touches done to the car or he would have lost his butt on a similar build due excess labor involved to get it to that level. Most likely, many of his customers would not have wanted to pay all of the additional labor costs involved to take a car out to the "enth" degree. As Lightguy had mentioned, buying a complete kit would be a whole lot easier than all of the thinking that went into this M-Spec build. Due to my own lack of engineering skills and complex parts modification and fitment, I am glad that I did not have to go through the enormous tasks undertaken to make this one-off car that our thread is discussing. As I continue to read the story of the build, I continue to be amazed at the plethora of decisions that had to be made to fit and adapt that BMW engine/transmission into the kit he had purchased from Stalker Cars. Bob
  23. Check to see that the washers used to center the A-frame in the chassis are not rubbing on the OD of the A-frame that retains the bushings. If set up incorrectly they will make quite the racket!
  24. Hey papak, did you ever upgrade the ECU ? If so, to what?
  25. Sorry it was a poorly worded - it’s the front of the rear A-frame. Based on that pic in the link I may just get a new one. Thanks for the info.
  26. That diagram looks like rear A frame but your text refers to front A frame? I assume you mean rear? I would pull it apart and grease it. Its supposed to flex under load. One thing to keep in mind is that it should be treated as consumables in heavily tracked cars - refer link
  27. If you are looking for useful technical information on the Vauxhall engine, then SBD has a very good section here: Vauxhall Instruction Sheets | SBD Motorsport For parts your main options are in the UK - QED, Redline and SBD Motorsports. A relevant post on L7C that feels somewhat close to your symptoms is here: Crank oil seal change - which parts and where to buy? | Caterham and Lotus Seven Club (caterhamlotus7.club) I know an experienced long-term owner with a VX engine so can reach out to him once you have pulled the engine and worked out where the source of the leak(s) are.
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