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  2. After reading the post I thought you might be telling about some actual parts stores. Its easy to google for the regular cars, such as Merc, Porsche, even Ford. My trouble is trying to find actually parts for the caterhams. Do you by chance have a list of part such stores? Looking for parts such as flywheels, wiring harnesses, ECU's. Thanks in advance. Frankie
  3. That would be replaced as part of a clutch service. The work is the same so you might as well ask for that. https://www.kampena.com/ Road trip? Maybe they know somebody in socal.
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  5. If you don't know them, BurtonPower.com provides a wealth of info and parts for European Ford engines and gearboxes. The downside is the high cost of shipping from the UK. Their catalog is fun bedtime reading! -David
  6. A couple of driving video links,sorry for the wind noise,but she runs strong.
  7. Just finished watching the EP race at VIR. Nice drive by Peter Norton in a Caterham to come in 2nd to Jesse Prather in a very wet race. The EP race is about half way through Fridays coverage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j48fWEGSjb4
  8. Yes I did. That'd be great if we could get another Seven to join us! I don't think I'll be able to make it to LRP on the 10th.
  9. My son is going to be at an event at LRP on the 15th too. I have family coming up from Texas that weekend but I'm going to try to make it to LRP on the 15th too. Hopefully I'll see you there.
  10. Did you say NYST on Saturday the 8th?! I really enjoy driving the Seven there; it's well-suited to our cars. If the weather holds and they're not sold out, I will aim to make it. Also, SCDA is running a Lime Rock event on Monday, Oct 10, Columbus' Day.
  11. @Anaximander, it is still listed in the for sale thread. Has been there maybe a couple months now. He took out the price and has put in the link to BAT.
  12. i'm out of town that weekend. but i'll be back at LRP on the 15th most likely. Looking forward to finally meeting you at some point.
  13. Thanks, I'm gonna check that out! It's actually the pilot bearing that is the problem. A less than $10 part (that I have) requiring the extraction of the engine :-/ Other than that the transmission is fine. I just can't stand the noise when idling.
  14. You will struggle doing that in this Caterham. Look at the photos of the engine bay and imagine removing all that extraneous piping, hoses, etc just to get to the engine. I thought my two V12s were bad...
  15. When was his car listed on our website? I would like to look at the listing. Thanx BTW, I have known Scott Minehart of Stalker Cars to be able to snatch and engine from a Stalker in 2 hours. He is so used to working by himself that he can manipulate engine/transmission packages with seemingly great ease due to his skill sets and fish those engine/transmissions into uber-tight spaces with the grace of a prima ballerina.
  16. I let Scott Minehart know that Stalkercars.com is down. He said that he has his IT person looking into it.
  17. Wish I could’ve stayed longer! I did make it back in time😂😂.
  18. I rebuilt the T-9 in my Birkin because I couldn't find a shop in LA who actually knew anything about the T-9. Not particularly difficult but I had to get the parts from England. Given the current exchange rate, now is the time to do it. PM me. Kevin
  19. You could talk to Josh at Rocky Mountain Caterham, he's helped me a lot over the years. He might be able to point you to a local shop. http://www.rockymountaincaterham.com/ Having just taken the engine (crossflow) and T9 out of my car to do a clutch, I also replaced front and back gearbox seals. Not easy for an amateur without the specialized tools, but it was doable.
  20. Paul and i were supposed to autox tomorrow but that has been scuttled by the weather. Looks like tomorrow will be a good day to stay home and catch up on some indoor tasks that have been patiently waiting to get done. cheers jay
  21. Yeah, all is well here. Ended up being far enough outside the path that it wasn't much more than a couple of soggy/breezy days.
  22. If the evapo rust doesn’t get it to where you want it. Electrolysis will clear it right up! 😁
  23. Thanks Mike, We were 1-3 hours North of the devastation and did not suffer any damage except a few small pieces of trees that needed to be shaken out anyway. We had a tree company trim all of our large trees and removed 4 that were potentially threatening the house in hurricane strength winds about a year ago. However, we have lots of friends/acquaintances that really got hammered (one in particular on Sanibel Island and they have no idea yet what has happened to their "dream home"). We sold a property in Port Charlotte last year and have not yet heard from neighbors what kind of damage they sustained. When will we ever learn that barrier islands are meant to be barriers to the mainland? When you build on them, you not only put a structure out in nature to be taken away but you reduce the land friction that the barrier island was created for to reduce the wind/water impacts to the mainlands. With the rising sea levels all over the world, people need to get a bit smarter about where they buy/build these days. Bob
  24. Des - I can't make it to LRP this weekend, but I do have a track day with MassTuning at NYST on 10/8. Hopefully the weather cooperates and I can take the Caterham, and I'm pretty sure there's going to be at least one more Seven there. Check it out if you want.
  25. What is the back story? Which bearing is bad? How many miles (commute/weekend touring/track) since you became aware of the issue? Have you checked the oil level in the trans? What oil type and weight was used to fill? Drained and changed or topped off? Leaks? Under what conditions does the bearing make noise? It is much easier and faster to find a shop to swap transmissions. No multi-shop coordination or waiting on parts that may be difficult to find or get here, tying up shop space that will factor into the cost and the keys are back in your hand a day later. Have the original rebuilt and tuck it away. Good spares are worth the lost space. Maybe this one is still available? https://www.2040-parts.com/ford-t9-t-9-type-9-5-speed-transmission-i2258014/ As for rebuilding, try the mechs at a local, manual trans specialty shop (like porsche) for a weekend side job. It isn't rocket science but they need to have gear box experience. I'd avoid rebuilder factories but you might try Weller in Fontana. If I could not find a reasonable $$$ spare, I'd convert to some other type of overdrive trans depending on what compatible bellhousing would be available to make it work. Plenty of better, more common transmissions out there.
  26. Just want to wish our Florida members all the best as they deal with the aftermath of this storm. The only ones I know off the top of my head are @Anaximander and @jeffs - hope you guys are doing ok?
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