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  2. Hi All, In the process of purchasing a used Caterham and bringing it into NYS. The car has a full VIN, is registered, and passes smog in its current state. My local DMV said that as long as it has a VIN and Title it can be registered in the same manner as any vehicle. Resistant to good news, I called a second office and was told the opposite. That despite it already having a VIN number, a new custom homebuilt vehicle application would need to be filed. The vehicle would also need several stages of inspection and vetting in order to register it. Has this been the experience for those that have purchased an assembled vehicle from out of state as well? Very willing to jump through whatever requisite hoops are necessary, but would love to hear others experiences.
  3. Matt @ Motorcar Manor is great, puts you right near bear mountain for some good driving. Hagerty is in Bedford NY, I believe. You'll have to deal with a lot of new money wanting to be old money if you go up that way. Its a wierd scene, I prefer the money isn't a thing and let's drive our cars scene. Parking in nyc is crazy expensive. Our building is around $900 a month for a midsize SUV. Plus you have clowns who will ride your clutch moving it around etc. Side note, I'm echoing everything @Croc says about living with this type of vehicle in the city. I had a motorcycle as my only mode of transit (doing reverse commute) for two years. Even on a tall motorcycle, you'd get idiots who don't know how to drive. Oddly I feel safer on my GSA than I do driving the caterham sometimes. Do the research and find a spot that makes sense. Even some of the bigger car collectors in NYC store their cars out in Jersey. Prices are better and public transit isn't too bad.
  4. I am not sure that means the car has been crashed and rebuilt three times. (Although, I may be wrong.) I think that it may have had one big rebuild. Every time it’s been registered in a new state after that it shows up on the new state’s title as “Reconstructed”. Three different owners registering for the street, three different states reconstructed titles. As far as price, it'll bring what ever that one person is willing to pay over what every one else is prepared to spend.
  5. Reconstructed title 3x. I wonder what happened. Will watch this closely. If it remains high with a bad title, then there's hope for us clean title people.
  6. Ya, I couldn't justify the 400$ or so for the direct swap ones. Turns out it would have been wasted as I have bullet connectors. Will take my time and test voltage due to red/green colorblindness, but it wasn't too bad. $5 metal drill bit later and some music in the garage. Ahh this is a good idea, always pick up a thing or two from you @MV8, appreciate it. I will need to do the eyelet trick on one of the front screws. Trying to replace all tired hardware when I can. Did you need to primer anything before using the reflective paint? The reverse lights are reflective, only the wierd "fog hazard lights" have that matte, I'm wondering if it's to dull the running lights in the back? I don't really understand the purpose of it.
  7. Every club has it's "origin story". What is USA7s? Where did the 7 with a tail logo come from? (I didn't know where to post this. If you think it should go under another group please move it.)
  8. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1997-caterham-super-seven-3/
  9. Haha, I have. but wanted to hear from word of mouth. thanks oh yeah, I would never drive in the city, even with a regular car! That’s a funny story about Times Square, you shared, lol
  10. I guess you have never used Google search before? Manhattan UES and Midtown https://www.paddocknyc.com/ Manhattan and Tri-State https://www.veluxityexoticcarrental.com/exotic-and-classic-car-storage Queens - New Hyde Park (your car would be the second Caterham in this suburb if here - another long-time USA7s member is there) https://www.deluxecarstorage.com/ Long Island https://www.thelongislandcollection.com/ Hoboken NJ https://www.hudsonstables.com/ Jersey Shore way https://www.autovaultnj.com/ Hamilton NJ (but Tri-State vehicle pick up and delivery service available) https://legendaryexoticsnj.com/services/storage/ Fairfield NJ https://www.thecarlofts.com/ Ramsey NJ https://www.motorcarmanor.com/ Of these, I only know Hudson Stables in Hoboken. I had a friend storing there for a while and visited. Nice facility on West Side of Hoboken under the escarpment below JC Heights. Not far from the Light Rail stop over there which connects to Hokoen PATH (runs up 6th Ave to 33rd St) and NJ Transit (runs to Penn Station). Good guys running it. Somehow the owners of the business were linked to Manhattan Car Club but I never worked out how. All good stories from those who I know have used it. I want to offer caution on how dangerous NYC is for driving a Caterham. You are below window sill and mirror height for taxis - who never look anyway. The potholes can snap a wheel or suspension, especially after winter. The frost heaves on the FDR, Lincoln Tunnel approach, and even the I78 extension leading to the Holland Tunnel used to damn near take out my sump. Now you have to worry about suicidal muppets delivering takeout on E-bikes. And never drive into Times Square during a Sunday - you will be mobbed and fined for causing a disturbance - I was. I'm no longer in Manhattan - now on the river in Jersey City. Even so, I gave away driving my Caterham in NY metro years ago as I found it was no longer fun given the transit times to get to good roads away from home. Last point to consider. A lot of classic car insurance policies used to choke on "communal storage" which this will be. Grundy and American Collectors were the worst offenders. Hagerty were a problem then eased up in NJ but I don't know about NY state? So you need to read the fine print and specifically ask if they will cover the type of storage you are considering.
  11. MV8

    M79 TAB

    You could also just drill or dremel the head off and pull the lens off, leaving the long screw shank to clamp with a vice grip and rotate out. Lights are brightest with a mirrored reflector. A "chrome" spray like Rust Oleum 7718830 Chrome Metallic works well, even if you do not plan to media blast/clean the bases. Not abrasion resistant but inside a light, it doesn't need to be. Could be clear coated after for more durability. If you find the ground stud base is too far gone, you could ground by extending the wire to use an eyelet under the head of one of the light base mounting bolts. I added projector leds to our daily drivers with 2156 socket backup lights (where the end of the bulb points to the rear). Big improvement. They run about $14/pair and come in amber or clear.
  12. Hi guys, I’ll soon take delivery of my 2022 Caterham 7. I live in NYC (Brooklyn). Does anyone know of a good, reliable, and most importantly SAFE garages in the city or nearby that I can use? I’ve looked into storage units, like cube storage, etc. Are they safe? Do they allow cars? -Arahant
  13. Hi guys, after a lot of research and consideration, I’ve decided to keep the car, and not sell it. Thank you all for the interest and feedback.
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  15. Dear USA7 members, I ordered a half hood (30V107A) from Caterham and asked them whether it would fit my 1999 S3. Well, long story short, it arrived and does not fit. The shipping costs were somewhat excessive (nearly $300 for Half top and tonneau) and I am not going to send it back. The top is about 5 inches too short for my car. My car measures 37 ¾ in. from the front of the windscreen to the center of the roll bar but the half hood Caterham supplied measures only 32 ¾ in. I am sure it has to do with the newer street roll bar design which angles slightly forward. On my car the roll bar is straight up and requires more fabric. Anyway, my loss is your gain. The top was 302.97 pounds sterling (excl. VAT and Caterham's outrageous shipping costs) which equals about $380. I'd sell it for $380 + shipping in the US. Cheers PS: I saw theDreamer post, but doubt that it will fit his/her car unless the above mentioned measurements check.
  16. Beautiful, I'd jump on it if I could afford it. Good luck with the sale!
  17. I stumbled upon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-9YtFQzp2I which was shot just over a year ago in England. I was looking at that video and thinking that the car was Ford Moonstone Blue just like mine. Then I realized that it IS my car. I am holding that English number plate J976LKR in my left hand. Yes, it went to America. I bought it last fall from the gent who imported it from England along with some other Caterham cars.
  18. There was a reason I ponied up to the full block kit instead of a retro fit. I really didn't want to find myself stuck with another project when some wiring would break or some other weak point. Plus it allows me to swap back with ease if it ever comes to that for whatever the reason might be. But good progress! You'll be very happy. I ran around with just retrofit LED's in place of stock bulbs for my brake lights for a little bit and this is much better. Only thing that comes close at all is likely the new style tailight but I did my upgrade before they came out and to be honest I'm not quite sold on them still, especially for the price.
  19. Rear LEDs came in today. Started with the reverse and rear fog lights, as they were just bulbs. Got 3 out of 4 done... it's clear these haven't been changed in a very long time. I have screws in one rear fog which are completely disintegrated. I figure I'll need to drill them out? Worst case I bash the cover in and Dremel out the old screws as replacement covers are relatively cheap. JAL rear clusters I'll try and tackle this weekend between some house projects, looks like I have a fried ground from water ingress.
  20. Last week
  21. This question is resolved Guys, Thanks! Empti, I mounted my seats to the floor without the heavy steel sliders, to get them lower down and to save weight. Plus I'm safer in lightening storms. ;)
  22. Exactly what I think, wrap should be a bit easier to get to as well.
  23. If it's just the alternator concern, a small heat shield would likely be simpler and more effective perhaps.
  24. @JimmyG You mentioned that the carbon seats are fixed to the floor? Do you know if the seat can fit the slider? Thanks!
  25. Well I just had to get the welder out. The stealth plan quickly failed as there is just not enough room to snake the pipe down out out the original hole. Just tack welded together, have a local friend with a TIG welder, I sold mine when I moved to MD. Graham
  26. One picture is from Mid-Ohio, the Honda bridge is now gone. The other is VIR.
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