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  2. Thanks sltous, I think that would be jumping in at the deep end for me. No O scope and certainly no idea how to use it.
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  4. Yes, please share any useful contacts you make at BAR. I took a Superformance GT40 through this about 10 years ago. does not capture some important subtleties. The expected sequence is: Applicant buys a kit from source A (Caterham). Applicant buys at least the engine but perhaps additional drivetrain parts from Source B. Source A and B cannot be parts of the same legal entity. Applicant or his chosen shop C assembles it all. C cannot be part of either A or B. Applicant then applies for SPCN using documentation of transactions with A, B
  5. Without knowing all the details of the Zetec, I found that using a cheap oscilloscope and measured across the crankshaft position sensor. What I expected to see was a waveform such as this one and instead got a waveform such as While you may be able to analyze this dropout with a multimeter, I found that being able to see the CPS dropout made my debugging much easier. where my yellow trace is the RPM signal and my blue trace is the output form my crankshaft position sensor. You can see that the missed tooth signal is not coming through at exactly the same time that
  6. I plan on going back over all the connections and grounds when I go poking at the crankshaft position sensor. Seems like I’ve done it a dozen times already but I’m clearly missing something.
  7. FWIW recheck the electrical connections involved in the clutch replacement and ground connections.
  8. Thanks sltous, I’ll check that out.
  9. My old Crossflow would do this, there was enough vibration for the crankshaft position sensor I installed for a distributorless ignition to shake out of position and lose track of the trigger wheel. I made a much sturdier mount and it fixed the problem.
  10. I finally got my clutch installed and the car back on the road. The clutch has a much different feel now than it ever had. I guess all new components from the master down will do that. Now I experiencing something that wasn’t happening before. The car starts fine, normally on second try sometimes third, and settles into a nice idle. The throttle is properly responsive and on the road everything seems to be in order, until I hit 4500 rpms, then it cuts out. Every time, regardless of load. I had it running in the garage and slowly brought it up to speed while watching the gauges, nothing notable
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  12. I wanted to close this out before I started another thread. First off thanks for the help. I had trouble getting information from AP. They directed me to a web site to find what I needed and they said they didn’t sell AP products. Right. Chris T from Sevens and Elans, who originally sold the car and tuned the motor helped me out with the parts and some very helpful hints. It took months to get it all straightened out, I was busy and had limited time and had to put it on hold for the winter. I got it all back together about a month ago and when we turned the key
  13. Interesting. Most people use another D word to describe me. I would not assume that. I bring a major power-to-weight disadvantage to my car. Plus, your driving skills on video show you are much better than the average hacker so I think I have a challenge. Sensational track - loved the layout.
  14. I test drove a Evora GT 3 months ago at Gator Motorsport, 100 miles from me. Loved it, but it's a lotta $ for track work. (And no faster than my Caterham, per Gator, at Putnam Park racetrack, not far from Indy, where we both do trackdays).
  15. @JohnCh - Ah yes, that beast! I cannot wait to see that on the track one day! A playdate with the 620r would be fun, but I suppose the 620r has no chance
  16. @cemaykan check out this thread on CatKong, which you may have seen at Bruce's shop. -John
  17. @Croc is an omnipresent 7 deity. I once posted a random video of a Caterham in Singapore and Croc was reminiscing about the hotel that was seen in the background. Posted another picture of a 7 on a track with the ocean in the background and Croc was commenting on how it always rains there and turn 3 becomes complicated.
  18. @Croc - Are you local here as-well? What are you building? Let's play!! @Kitcat - Yea the track is awesome for these cars. The Atom 3S had advantage with the DF though on medium speed corners (+also he was running wider tires). But i do think these cars will also do not too bad at high speed tracks. I'm sure they'll be able to keep up with most out there easly. Btw who is Cong and what is he driving?
  19. Yep. Been there done that. Sat in the infield at NJMP for a whole 25 minute session as it happened on the first lap of the session. Croc was the guy with the shiteating grin, who came over an sorted it out. I had the switch moved from under the bonnet to under dash on the drivers side so I could get to it on track if it ever happened again.
  20. No brakes 4pin Wife said no track days for a year
  21. Cem: What a great Caterham track:all turns almost no straight. It reminds me of the Waterford Hills track in MI. I'd love to see how a well driven XFlow did in comparison, given all the slow turns and 100 mph straight stretch. Croc: I am looking forward to the video of you and Cong playing with this 620R (which I suddenly feel I need-or at least its transmission:)).
  22. Great video and glad you had a great experience first time out on track with the 620R. Love the circuit - a safer version of the Nurburging. @BruceBe (Beachman Racing) Can I do a shakedown at that track with my car when you finish it this year? Pleassssssse! I want a playdate with Cem's 620R.
  23. The hidden message here is that your BAT sale is now finalized, so congratulations! Hope you and your desired Evora 400 soon meet. And that you post here and tell us if its really all that great. Back on message: great price for such a lightweight, usable se7ens trailer.
  24. I am laughing because the Caterham lot at NJMP have all had this happen at least once to them. Me included. You get towed in. You look baffled. Then a buddy walks up, clicks the roll over button and by magic everything is restored. Glad that was a nice quick resolution of that part of the problem. Good luck with the vibration/loss of power...
  25. It was a Rover 200/400. This was the POS car that donated most of its parts to a Caterham after a ford. If in doubt default to a Rover 200 part search. Tank-radiator expansion - EAP8713 - Genuine MG Rover | Rimmer Bros You saw off the legs. In case you doubt me here is a post from Blatchat - refer post #4 from Roger ("ECR") Freelander Expansion Tank - Dimensions | Lotus Seven Club (lotus7.club) I would also look at post #10 as an option for a different shape expansion tank as you can then use the current round Freelander bottle. I would look for
  26. This only works if the radiator is very clogged. When the engine is up to temperature check the temperature of the face of the radiator. If some areas are colder than others that is a indication tubes in that area are clogged.
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