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  2. Stalker - listed on a few sites around the place 1962 Lotus S7 - 1146 | Coast Motor Company | Used Cars For Sale - Palmetto, FL
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  4. @mdork that's great news! Make sure you do a build thread. It's a great way to get input from those who have been there/done that. -John
  5. Looks like good fun. Thanks for sharing. Was indeed a glorious weekend in the Seattle area. While I don't have my Cat yet, I did spend Sunday morning karting @ PGP with my son and took the scenic way home along Green Valley / Black Diamond -Ravensdale / Hwy18. Did a Carnation Farms / Tolt Hill loop on Saturday as well. Look forward to meeting up with other local 7 owners for a blat soon. My kit should be arriving in the next few weeks!
  6. First photo shows one of the (many) blind crests I mentioned in my earlier post. Very pretty, very fun road. -John
  7. Quite jealous! I should have pistons this week, so hopefully will get things back together before it gets too hot and sticky to enjoy - but did get a nice ride in my Elan today, in between painting exhaust manifolds and cleaning intake manifolds. The weather looks nice the next few days, think I'll take it to work in honor of Ross's drive up the East Coast.
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  9. I hear you John. Great to be out in a Seven again. Finally got my 65 S2 out for the first time yesterday and again today with the wife. Life is good.
  10. Did my first proper blat of the year this morning with @Pokey. It's unseasonably warm in the Seattle area this weekend, hitting 80F yesterday with today's expected high just a little cooler. We opted for an early start to avoid the crowds, leaving my house around 7:45 when temps were still in the mid 40s, and returned a couple of hours later to temps 20F higher. Perfect weather and shockingly, almost no traffic. Not even bicycles. If you live on Seattle's Eastside, I highly recommend Ben Howard Rd, which runs along the South side of State Route 2 between Monroe and Gold Bar.
  11. Week Beginning April 18, 2021 NEW Locost project LocostUSA.com • View topic - Running & Driving - not titled Locost for sale and here Marketplace - 1972 Lotus 7 | Facebook Replica/Caterham Project (back again after an absence) LocostUSA.com • View topic - Miata based Book Locost with a Caterham SV frame + donor and here Marketplace - 2020 Lotus Locost Caterham Seven 7 | Facebook Locost LocostUSA.com • View topic - FS: Vodou Locost Caterham Lotus Super 7/ Caterham
  12. evo Track Evening in association with Sky Insurance - Caterham Seven 420 R Caterham Seven 420R onboard | evo Track Car of the Year
  13. Caterham Seven 620S Road Test - Most powerful production Caterham is an absolute weapon!
  14. 2013 Evo Magazine Caterham track car of the year
  15. Ariel Atom 3.5 vs Ariel Nomad vs BAC Mono vs Caterham 620S | Top Gear
  16. Trio on the track at Donington Part1 https://www.topgear.com/videos/jeremy-clarkson/lightweight-track-cars-part-13-series-18-episode-6 Part2 https://www.topgear.com/videos/jeremy-clarkson/lightweight-track-cars-part-23-series-18-episode-6 Part3 https://www.topgear.com/videos/jeremy-clarkson/lightweight-track-cars-part-33-series-18-episode-6
  17. James May drives three Caterhams (Series 21, Episode 4) https://www.topgear.com/videos/james-may/james-may-drives-three-caterhams-series-21-episode-4
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  19. Going with the Top Gear theme DIY Caterham vs The Stig | Top Gear
  20. The absolute classic Captain slow had the best car for the job Track Cars and the city | Top Gear
  21. I found this as I was cleaning up my storage unit, a new spare S3 Caterham wide track steering rack. I sold my S3 a few weeks ago so no longer needed. It is approximately 101cm (~39.75") end to end. Standard ratio when I tested, about 1.9 turns lock to lock. Located in Orange county, asking $400 plus shipping.
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