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  2. Ian and Tj are fantastic and I'm very glad to have had them there to help out. Nothing but high remarks. I'd be careful saying they are free of charge however as thats a little misleading. It was a little bit of a sticker shock once I discovered the track emergency assistance rate fee and what the $20 part ended up costing in total. That's a great shot!
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  4. There are at least two other people here with the good sense to own both a se7en and an Elan. Great looking car and color. Once you get a chance to really know it, I'd be curious to hear your impressions of how it compares to the Elan, and Europa. -John
  5. Jeff’s picture above shows the red Caterham’s owners/drivers, Simon and son, plus Croc-supplied mechanics, TJ and Ian. Apparently working on a rare se7en mechanical problem:). This photo illustrates the effort Croc and Tom put into making these events so terrific. When have you been to a track event that supplied, free of charge, skilled mechanical staff to help troubleshoot any issues you may develop there?
  6. The pictures are perfect! Looks like a great car and a great find.
  7. That looks interesting. A genuine S4 with wire knockoffs - never seen that before. Looks great in yellow. Thanks for sharing. Our resident Elan tragic @JohnChwill sniff this thread out shortly.
  8. Hey everyone, I couldn’t help myself. It was too good of a deal. I purchased LS4/2927/GT earlier this year. It is an absolute blast! I have records dating back to the original owner, with pictures, receipts and notes going back to the early 80's. Originally the car was red but from the notes and pictures the car has always been yellow. 1600 Crossflow Engine that has been built with Dave Bean cams and bored out to 1700cc specs 135HP+ / Less than 1200lbs. I have wanted a Seven for a very long time. This makes my collection up to 3 Lotus Cars. I have this, an Elan (in one of the pictu
  9. Thank you Mike and Tom for once again organizing "the largest annual gathering of Sevens in the US". Perfect weather, and much fun on and off the track. I shot a bunch of pictures, but have to sort through them. In the meantime, here's one as a tease.
  10. Have you checked out the offerings from intatrim? They have some intriguing options that fit in sevens. Reverie has already been mentioned but they've got some good stuff as well. If you find replacements and unload your current tilletts, please let me know as I'd be very interested!
  11. Really good to see that the gang had fun as usual. Missed you guys this year.... will try next year!
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  13. As I wrote above, I checked several of your images and some were uploaded from your device and some were linked from other sources (e.g. EVO Magazine). The images that are broken all point to a CDN, which seems to indicate those images were remotely hosted. If you have any instances where you have uploaded an image and it is no longer appearing, let me know via PM and I can open a ticket. Regarding remote images (what you refer to as hotlinking) those are not hosted by our servers and that is not unique to our software. Think back to when PhotoBucket changed their terms several years ago a
  14. Thanks for coming Carl. I love what you are doing to show the love to MichaelD's former car. Its been a big project for you but it is showing!
  15. @Fake IrishThank you for the tip off. Ad still shows as live but good to know it is now sold.
  16. Doesn't the forum host them when I copy picture into a body? Those images weren't hot linked. I was under impression when you copy an image into the body it local hosts it. This is why I can copy from my hard drive into the body and it will show up in the post (testing example below) I'm fairly certain almost all those pictures were copy and paste for the reasons described above. I didn't want the source to be broken and I figured it becomes local hosted. Edit: If I hotlink sourced them, shouldn't I have the old url in the body if I were to ed
  17. @Vovchandrit looks like some of your photos were image uploads to the forum and others were URLs with the image hosted elsewhere. The items that aren't appearing all seem to be the latter (or at least the several I looked at) and show as URL expired with that URL pointing to a content delivery network affiliated with Facebook. If I were to hazard a guess, it might be related to copyright protection given those images were most likely taken by professional photographers. -John
  18. Any ideas as to why some of my posts got broken?
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