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  2. I bought the car from Texas. When I initially started the registration process I paid all my fees and was given a temporary sticker pending the smog inspection. I just keep renewing the temp registration every few months.
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  4. How does it work getting the temporary permits while awaiting BAR approval?
  5. @CarlB thank you for a comprehensive guide. It's a lot to take in, I'll break it into paragraphs and follow it along. I looked at the imprint rings in the head from the head gasket and didn't see any tell tale signs. Not sure if it matters at this point in time either way. I'll tape the cylinders off & scrape the top and use those cleaning brush wheels from video to clean it up well. I'll get a good straight edge to test the top and good brushes to run into passages. There are plenty of crusty chunks that are coming off all around. I'll on
  6. So didn't expect to find my exhaust on the ground. Muffler boppin randomly failed
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  8. My car has a 1700 crossflow ford with dual webers and no provision for smog. We put a PCV valve on the hose coming out of the breather in the block and ran it into one of the Weber air cleaners. Unfortunately I haven't been able to have it inspected. I completed all my DMV paperwork and inspections and got my sequence number over a year ago. On July 31, 2020 I had a virtual appointment by phone with the BAR which took two weeks to make. The call lasted about five minutes and I was told to email all the documents for review. A year later I'm still waiting for the BAR referee to see my ca
  9. Had not seen the Ford video before writing my comments above. I would still mill the head and check everything with a strait edge. Croc's block cleaning method will work better at removing rust. You can do it a home with a battery charge and a tank of water.
  10. I have been busy and not reading the forum. Went to VIR had a good time but lost a clutch. Some of the pictures indicate areas that could have been leaking coolant or compressing the water jacket. The pictures are harder to read then the actual parts. You should see rings around the cylinder block and head with no breaches. The head gasket has steel rings that compress and form the bright rings. Some of the cylinders and head surfaces look like they could have been leaking. To clean the block if you do not take it apart scape as much off as you can. Use a file or something you know is flat and
  11. I have one you can have. It has a little worn place on it where they rub on the belt tensioner, but its not through. You can have just PM me your address if you want it. On our race cars we just used a beaded piece of aluminum tubing and a hose off the rack at NAPA.
  12. My last event? Will decide there, but my current plan is to use the event to decide whether to sell the car, likely on BAT. Maybe even sell it there? I will start a separate thread on this as we get closer.
  13. About 10.5" wide. I purchased the large size and then cut into two pieces, one for the carbon guard and the other for the gel coat around the guard.
  14. WOW! Kitcat is back! The earth’s wobble is now fixed! We are back in balance. It’s now officially a party. Tom.
  15. If you don't get an answer sooner, I can measure mine this afternoon when I get home from work.
  16. How wide is the film at the top? My wide body Birkin is similar dimensionally to an S3 but the rear fenders may be a bit wider. I only see the 3M film advertised in 6” widths. I really don’t like seams.
  17. The next drive is Sunday 8 August going from Lime Rock down to a vehicle storage place in Canaan called Wheels of Time. Not familiar with it but should be a nice drive. I will PM you the contact info
  18. Sweet sevens, man! My buddy is looking for ideas for his incoming project. Got to finish installing the bumper and amp research board on the truck this weekend before we can take her in.
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  20. My guess is that the L-shaped covers the area above and outboard of the carbon/stainless mudguard, whereas Large covers that complete area. I plan to leave the carbon mudguard in the box and use the bigger piece. -John
  21. I checked their website. Any idea what the difference is between “large” and “L-shaped”?
  22. I'm dreaming ahead here I know, about the glorious time where I will be able to take my 310S to a BAR station for inspection. So, related to the previous questions about PCV, does anyone know if the Ford Sigma engine in the 310S by default meets the requirements of a closed loop PCV? Looks like it vents out to a tank. I realize I am much less knowledgeable about all of this given I didn't build the car, but I'm hoping the default setup works for the BAR. -Tom
  23. @sf4018Graham is right - not normally. However, there is a setting in the Caterham ECU map for fueling by batch or sequential - that may come into play. Secondly, in some cars being lately upgraded from 420 to R500 they have been finding that they needed to change injectors to work with the upgraded ECU map. So the Caterham ECU seems to interact in the fueling process beyond just the fuel pressure regulator but its not exactly clear to me why/how?
  24. Not normally the fuel pressure regulator will control the pressure the injectors are actually seeing. Graham
  25. This is where I got mine: https://premierpaintguard.com/
  26. The cam is not any better in the race 420Rs. Its slightly more aggressive but I have a standard 420R in the UK and I hang on the back of or ahead of the race 420Rs just fine at various UK circuits, so I assume any power increment is minimal. I would not assume what you have is not sturdy enough. I suspect what Caterham are choking up against is the locked ECU tune which is not compatible with the fueling programming in the existing ECU. But that can be fixed with a bespoke ECU tune which they would never recommend as it takes you outside their proprietary ecosystem.
  27. Does anyone have a source for precut 3M rear fender film?
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