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  1. To watch Sabine hustle a Transit Van around the "Ring" gives me hope for autocrossing my new 2020 Honda Civic Si that is a national class winner in SCCA G Street. I am having to get used to the turbo hang of the 1.5l engine and relatively low horsepower (206). And, the fact that I am driving a 4-door sedan. I did put 200 DOT Yokohoma's on the car and am looking forward to my second autox with the car in mid April on a track with excellent grip. Croc, Thanks for sharing your story about Sabine. In watching a few videos about her, she appeared to be larger than life! She may have ha
  2. Shane, I have been following part of a thread where there is talk about vehicular conspicuity related to the color of the se7en. When it comes to your Stalker, I don't think that too many people would be able to use the defense that they did not see your car. I don't think it blends in with the scenery unless you are in a Peter Max movie. Happy New Year and somebody needs to buy your hot rod Stalker.
  3. Dale, I very much appreciate you waiting up for me on the second day. That was an act of kindness. I wasn't calling anybody stupid. I was saying that I felt our group behavior on public roadways was stupid. As you know, years earlier, some of that behavior resulted in the tragic death of an Ambush participant. I cannot think of any reasonable rationale for using quiet country mountain roads as a playground for out of towners exposing the local innocents to potentially catastrophic carnage over numerous days of an "event". That is just my personal opinion and others may not be as concerned?
  4. Shane, Sorry to see your Storker go. I am sure that people do not know how fully sorted that particular car is since you rebuilt it (updated chassis) with many components that were not available to the earlier Stalkers. Someone looking for an exceptional track weapon without a lot of finicky bits will love your car for sure. As Croc and others have mentioned, good on you for getting a couple of Miata's and bringing your son up in the racing tradition and learning about momentum as opposed to brute horsepower. Like my friends Krista and Glenn Minehart, all of their children can outrun them in S
  5. Thanks for your thoughtful insights Kitcat. Croc, Kitcat has admitted by self-proclamation to hold the secondary title of Sir Spinsalot! Someday, when things settle down, I would love to see both of you at NJMP and heft a glass or two. Bob
  6. Kitcat, Can't say that I am overly impressed with your fellow Cincinnatian wandering all over the double yellow lines of country lanes demonstrating his 7 on BAT. I sold my last sevenesque car after disregarding my common sense one day a couple of years ago in the NC mountains with a bunch of Johnny Racer wanabees (Stalker Stupidbush aka Ambush) that should have been taking their stupidity onto tracks designed to have fun and reduce the chance of injuring innocent bystanders. I was frankly very disgusted with myself and remember giving up my sportbike buddies who were doing similar things at v
  7. Bruce, Happy Holidays! I have been enjoying the 2019 Stingray as a fun bopping around car in the countryside. My wife is not all that excited about riding along and feel exposed in low slung cars so I do most of rides by myself which is still great fun. That 620R at Hillbank would be quite a fun car if you could buy it right. However, I really like the business models of Mark IV in New York and Bruce B. in Washington State. I think they offer good value for the dollar and seem willing to work with customers in a very fair way. Much good luck in your search. Searching is half the fun! Astro Bob
  8. In my above comments, I added some confusion concerning the Classic XL Stalker that is out in California. After talking with Glen Minehart, he advised that the Classic XL's have the same frontal dimensions for the shock placement of the wider rearend XL's but the rear of the car requires that the shocks be placed lower in the rear end to accommodate the less tall design. Glen also said that if someone wanted to put smaller tires than the 17"s that come with the car, that the rotors would have to be downsized and the attach points for the calipers would have to be modified. Glen advised that fo
  9. Lightguy, Croc's answer to the build issues of a 420r vs a Stalker XL are spot on. Shane (aka xcarguy) has numerous builds with the original Brunton Stalker classic chassis. I have owned both the classic chassis and the first M-Spec Stalker (LS1) with inboard shocks as well as a magnificently built Stalker XL with an LS3/480. I also owned for a brief period,a Caterham 300r Superlight with 400r specs. The Caterham is of course much truer to the original Chapman 7 design and the steering responsiveness is nothing short of like it is wired directly to your brain. The Classic Stalkers did not have
  10. I am sure you are going to gives us curious folks more pics, any lingering problems with the car and an asking price. Neat looking car from the one picture.
  11. Congrats Richard on the very fun car. If you want to zip around cones faster like in slaloms, you can consider installing a faster steering rack. The rack that they typically come with is more track oriented. The width of the XL is pretty similar to my Corvette.
  12. Hey Dave, I went from se7esque cars to a Corvette. Time to start shredding:smash: Just kidding. Vettes are indeed quite porky compared to the lithe Caterhams but have some amenities that are usually not found on the more raw sevens. I do miss the visceral feel of spunky 7's. There is a wealth of information contained here and as Mike (aka Croc) pointed out, no limits of people willing to help you spend your money on these delightful and esoteric cars. Good hunting!
  13. Spitfun, I was talking recently with Glen Minehart, the father of Scott Minehart who makes Stalker cars, and Glen was mentioning that Classic Stalkers with LS engines are less than ideal for autocrossing. He advised the the 3.8L supercharged V6's are better because they do not tend to spin the tires all over the place. On a track like xcarguy is using it for, I suspect that the extra power of the LS engines is beneficial. OTOH, the Stalker AXR's with LS engines which are specifically made for autox are really kicking butt and Jason Minehart is currently about the second fastest autox car natio
  14. Congrats on the spectacular Caterham Yogi! Bruce really spec'd this car out exceptionally well. After watching Croc's video of his RHD 420r in Europe, I realized even more, what a potent track machine this will be for HPDE's. I can only imagine how much fun you are going to have driving the twisties outside of Seattle on warm Summer afternoons. The build should be a really wonderful experience and we look forward to lots of detailed progressive pictures. You will know your car much better than most who own sevens. Have fun! Bob
  15. Kitcat, That is great information for myself and others to know about. I am not sure how many Caterhams Kampena Motors is selling in the Sonoma, CA region but as you and others know, they too have extensive experience with Caterhams and racing. Like you mentioned, I have also heard great things about Tom Carlin's operation and I suspect that he works hard to insure the reliability of the Birkins he is selling and like Bruce, tries to keep an inventory of spares so that his customers can get certain parts in a timely manner based on the hearsay I have paid attention to.
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